7 Best Christmas Blow Ups You Need at Home

Ah, the holiday season is upon us, and what better way to spread the festive cheer than with the best Christmas blow-ups on the market!

These whimsical and larger-than-life decorations are like a breath of fresh, wintry air that instantly transforms your yard into a holiday wonderland.

Picture this: as soon as night falls, your lawn becomes a magical place, teeming with inflatable Santas, reindeer, snowmen, and jolly snow globes. These incredible blow-ups come in all shapes and sizes, casting a warm and playful glow that is sure to make everyone passing by stop in awe.

So, whether you’re into classic Christmas characters or prefer a more humorous touch, the options are endless. Time to dust off your creativity and let your imagination soar, decking the halls and yards with these delightful and spirited Christmas blow-ups!

Enjoy the holiday season and happy decorating!

Best Overall Blow Up

Hold on to your sleigh bells because our Santa in a six-foot-long sleigh, being pulled by reindeer, is not just delivering presents; he’s waving at the world like he’s Santa Claus on a parade float! This inflatable comes with more accessories than Santa’s toy workshop – an extended cord, bright LED lights, ground stakes, fastened ropes, built-in sandbags. Plus, it’s super easy to set up – just plug it in, and boom, it’s up faster than Rudolph leading the sleigh.

Best Funny Blow Up

Rev up your holiday festivities with Santa Claus cruising in a monster truck rocking built-in LED headlights. This inflatable not only steals the spotlight but also captures hearts faster than Santa’s sleigh. And fear not, our Santa’s monster truck is as safety-certified and speedily inflatable as it is sleigh-worthy, making it the perfect addition for a ho-ho-ho lot of laughs this season.

Best Value Blow Up

Deck the halls with a set of budget-friendly Christmas ornament inflatables, available in more colors than Santa’s suit has buttons – red, green, pink, silver, gold, and blue. These inflatable baubles aren’t just decorations; they’re the VIPs of your holiday lineup, with an outer label so airbrushed with shimmering glitter that even the ornaments on the tree are jealous. So, go ahead, spread them around like holiday cheer and let the good times inflate!

Best Religious Blow Up

Celebrate the religious essence of Christmas with an air-blown inflatable nativity scene, featuring Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus in a charming barnyard setting. This outdoor decoration illuminates with LED lights for nighttime visibility and is versatile for both indoor and outdoor use!

Best Grinch Blow Up

Bring the mischievous charm of the Grinch into your holiday decor with a festive inflatable featuring the iconic character dressed as Santa and playfully stealing socks. Bring the mischievous moment when the Grinch steals from the Whos down in Whoville to the proximity of your front yard with this whimsical, hassle-free decoration.

Best Disney Blow Up

Add a touch of Disney magic to your outdoor Christmas display with an adorable inflatable spelling “joy,” where Mickey’s head serves as the letter “O.” Ideal for Disney enthusiasts, this charming decoration is equipped with internal LED lights, a Low Voltage DC Fan, and comes complete with ropes and stakes for easy setup. It’s a perfect addition for any family embracing the festive spirit with a love for classic Disney characters.

Best Dinosaur Blow Up

Even prehistoric predators make Santa’s list! Get ready for a dino-mite Christmas with our playful T-Rex inflatable, wielding a “naughty list”. This inflatable isn’t just cute and funny; it’s the Jurassic jester of your holiday yard. With its built-in LED lights, it transforms your outdoor space into a dazzling dino wonderland, ensuring your neighbors and guests are as impressed as a caveman discovering fire.


In recent years, the popularity of Christmas blow-ups or inflatables has soared, turning front yards into whimsical winter wonderlands. From classic characters like Santa Claus and snowmen to unique and creative designs, these inflatable decorations have become a beloved part of the holiday season.

With their eye-catching colors and larger-than-life presence, these blow-ups add a cheerful and festive touch to any outdoor display, bringing joy to both young and old alike. So, this Christmas, embrace the joy and magic of blow-up decorations and let your yard shine with holiday cheer!

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