Best Last Minute Birthday Lunch Ideas at Work

We’ve all been there. It’s Thursday morning, you get into the office, grab your coffee, and check your calendar. Oh shoot! Today is your co-workers birthday. You knew it was coming but you haven’t planned anything!

Time to take action.

Put on your planning hat and don’t forget…

Some of the best birthday work lunches are last minute surprises.
Here’s how to plan one.

A few things to consider before throwing your birthday lunch:

  • See if it’s appropriate for your office culture. You may have to ask around with co-workers and management, because you don’t want to plan something against policy or conflicting with meeting times
  • Don’t be repetitive. If your work team does the same birthday tradition for everyone then go with that, otherwise let your creative juices flow and plan something a little more unique for your birthday co-worker.
  • Consider getting the guest of honor on board. Some people don’t love to be surprised, and the birthday person may prefer to be part of the planning process.

On The Birthday

A Birthday Surprise Lunch Break at a Restaurant

A birthday surprise lunch break at a restaurant is often better than the one thrown in your office kitchen. It’s exciting, special, and you know it will be delicious! It’s also easy to plan:

  • Find a restaurant with a private room or quiet table where you can talk without being overheard.
  • Check out their menu online. Make sure you order food that the birthday person likes and make note of any food allergies.
  • Pick your favorite dishes for everyone to share and make reservations for brunch, lunch or dinner!

Skip Lunch and Go Straight to Dessert!

If you’re someone who is often too busy to eat lunch or has a lot of work to do on a regular basis, then this option can be particularly ideal! Grab some candles and enjoy some time with your coworkers, plus you’ll still have time to get your tasks done that day.

  • Bake your own cake. You can make a delicious chocolate cake in minutes using just cocoa powder, flour, sugar, baking soda, eggs, hot water and butter or oil. Or use a boxed mix from the store.
  • Order in cupcakes. Many bakeries will deliver cupcakes within one hour if ordered in advance. Contact yours to see if they offer this service and place an order for the day of their birthday—or even better, surprise them by ordering them when everyone else is away from their desk so it’s not obvious that something special is coming.
  • Bring in cake from a fancy bakery. If you know that there’s a bakery near your office that makes exquisite cakes and pastries, consider ordering one for the entire office for the day of their birthday. This way everyone can enjoy it without having to leave the office! The only thing left will be figuring out how much each person should pay since they all enjoyed the dessert together (unless you want to cover it yourself).

Just Drinks!

Does the birthday person sip a beer, or love a glass of wine? Maybe they’re all about stronger stuff like gin and tonic or tequila with lime. If you can find out what their drink of choice is, bring that! Or have everyone pitch in a few dollars to buy them their favorite bottle. You could also go with something less-alcoholic, like a six pack of seltzer or hard cider.

Just make sure to ask around before you buy anything—you don’t want to get something that no one else likes. And remember—don’t forget the glasses!

Week Before The Birthday

If you end up having a little more time to plan the lunch, consider one of these options:


One of the best last-minute birthday lunch ideas at work is to organize a potluck. It’s great for big teams and even better if you’re short on time.

Invite everyone – The more people, the merrier!

A good theme makes a potluck more exciting. As an example, we once did an “Avocado and Tomato” potluck where everyone had to bring something with one or both of these ingredients. It was delicious!

Next, make sure you don’t have too many salads and no dessert (or vice versa). The best way to do this is by assigning which category each person will be bringing their food from. Do this in advance so you don’t end up with three chocolate cakes!

It’s also important that you have enough food for everybody. You don’t want your colleague having only a single slice of pizza for lunch when they’re hungry from skipping breakfast earlier in the morning because they were rushing to get their kids ready for school. The best way to prevent this is by doing a headcount beforehand so you can estimate how much food needs to be prepared or ordered in advance – there’s nothing worse than having half of your team go home hungry!

Finally, if other coworkers aren’t able to cook or bring anything with them then ordering takeout might be another option. This way everyone will still enjoy themselves without feeling like there isn’t enough around the table for everyone else too!

Birthday Party in a Box

For this one, you have a lot of freedom. You can start with a simple cardboard box and wrap it in wrapping paper, or buy a gift bag and fill it with lunch items. It’s also nice to include a card, so that your co-worker knows who the box is from and why they’ve received it. This idea works well because you can tailor everything to the recipient’s tastes. For example, if you know your co-worker loves Chinese food, pack them some wontons or noodles into the box along with some chopsticks and fortune cookies for an authentic feel. Or, if your co-worker prefers something more American-style like hamburgers or pizza slices, then by all means throw those in a gift box (along with all of the necessary condiments) to make their day! If you really want to get creative then include napkins as well.

Thoughtful Non-Food Related Ideas

Balloon Bouquet

Balloons are a great last minute birthday idea. They’re festive and fun, and they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Balloons can be bought at places like party supply stores or supermarkets, making them easy to find. You can even order balloons online for quick delivery or pick-up. One of the best things about balloons is that they are easy to store and transport, making them convenient to have on hand for any last minute birthday celebrations!

Surprise Them in the Parking Lot

If you’re really bad at remembering birthdays, there’s a chance that this last-minute birthday lunch idea will be your first idea. Okay, so it’s more like an after-work surprise than a lunch, but why not make the most of being caught off guard and do something truly memorable? Here are some ways to pull off a parking lot birthday surprise:

  • Get everyone together in the parking lot
  • Decorate their car
  • Put gifts inside the car
  • Send them off with songs or cheering
  • You can even ask everyone to honk their cars’ horns as they drive past

Send a Funky Birthday eCard

Look for a card that fits the person’s personality, interests, or sense of humor. Once you’ve found the perfect ecard, navigate to the ‘send card’ or ‘add recipient’ section of the website.

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If you work with a detached or more independent team, you know the challenges of bringing your crew together for fun and entertainment. With busy summer schedules and competing work priorities, it can be hard to stay connected as a group outside of the office.

Most businesses have some sort of budget, and many employers try to stick within this budget when planning team events. If this sounds like something that applies to your workplace as well, don’t worry – there are still great options for you!

We’ve pulled from years of experience throwing corporate parties to bring you 8 summer team party ideas that will get everyone out of the office and enjoying each other’s company!

Tropical Paradise

A tropical paradise theme is a great way to bring the fun and relaxation of the beach to your event. If you want to go all out with this theme, consider hiring a DJ or band that specializes in island music. You can also decorate using palm leaves on tables and chairs, balloons shaped like pineapples or coconuts hanging from tree branches or bamboo poles (or even better yet some real ones), tiki torches around the perimeter, beach balls bouncing freely throughout the crowd…and maybe even some sand!

Coolest Summer Night

If your office is a bit stuffy or you want to take it outside, why not try a summer party themed around the great outdoors? The main idea is to get everyone outside and enjoy a pleasant summer evening.

Summer Bash

This is a classic theme that will never go out of style! It’s perfect for hosting a large group of guests who want to have fun without getting too fancy. Set up games like volleyball or croquet, or create an obstacle course for guests to navigate through with their teams! Decorate with pool inflatables and classic summer items.

Ultimate Summer Picnic

Forget your everyday office parties, and go big with a summer picnic theme! Get the team together and create a fun picnic setting in your office or venue. Make it as simple or as elaborate as you like, but make sure there’s plenty of food and drink on offer!

Carnivals and Fairs

Carnivals and fairs are a fun way to celebrate summer, and they’re perfect for office parties. A carnival is a good way to get people together and have fun. You can plan activities like games, rides, food, and other entertainment that people can enjoy while they socialize with their coworkers.

Water Wars

This is a great theme if you have the opportunity to use water balloons, which can make for some very fun photos afterwards.

If not, there are other ways to get into this one:

  • Water guns: You can purchase them at your local store or buy them online and have them delivered to your office. For a more authentic water gun experience, try out a paintball gun instead!
  • Water balloons: If you want to go all out with this theme and make it as memorable as possible, consider buying some inflatable pools and filling them up with colorful balloons of different shapes and sizes. They’ll be sure to bring everyone back into the summer spirit!

Moonlighting Under Stars

This is a perfect summer party theme for the office. You can make it fun by having a bonfire and playing games. If you want to take it up a notch, you can also have a star gazing party! You can get telescopes or binoculars from Party City or any local department store that sells outdoor equipment.

Hawaiian Luau Party

A luau is gathering of friends and the word “luau” means feast in Hawaiian. It’s usually held outside and features food, music and dance. It’s one of the most popular and fun party themes for adults and a great way to loosen up your team at work. The theme can be used for any type of summer event.

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Unite the Team with Friday Theme Ideas for the Office

  • Team Building Exercises – If you have more than one department working together in your office building, then this is a great way for them to bond over time spent together outside of work. Employees will love these types of events since it gives them an opportunity to interact with each other beyond just being co-workers at an office environment.
  • Appreciation Events – If there’s someone who has done something extraordinary at work, perhaps even saving lives on multiple occasions or putting in extra effort every day because they care about what goes on around them (aka: not just themselves), then this type of event could be very rewarding for both parties involved! Sometimes all we need is a little recognition from others who matter most—those closest around us such as family members/friends/coworkers…etcetera).

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Dress Like The Characters In Your Favorite Book

Since everyone likes different reading genres and styles, this theme will bring many interesting costumes. You’ll be surprised what your co-workers come up with!

Wear Your Favorite Team’s Jersey

Wear your favorite team’s jersey. If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, wear one of their jerseys to work. If you’re a huge New York Giants fan, don’t be afraid to wear your Eli Manning jersey!

If you’re not into sports, wear a jersey from a team you would like to support. Maybe there’s an underdog in sports that you think deserves more attention and recognition. Or maybe there are two teams on opposite sides of town that have always been rivals. Choose a side and get creative!

Wear Your Sports Gear

This sports theme alternative is a great theme for anyone likes to play more than watch sports. Just dress in your favorite sporting gear and head into the office!

Dress Like A Kid Again

While it may seem like a silly theme, dressing like a kid again is one of the best ways to bring some spunk and playfulness into your office. Encourage team mates to wear clothing with their favorite childhood character, show, activity, or game.

Dress Like An Olympic Athlete

  • Wear your favorite country’s colors.
  • Wear your favorite sport.
  • Wear your favorite Olympic sport uniform or shoes.

Dream Up A Vacation Destination Theme

Dress like tourists: Get your coworkers involved by bringing pictures of their destination and dressing up as tourists!

Bring a souvenir: Buy or make something that represents your destination and bring it in for all to see!

Bring postcards from around the world (or just from your town) and pin them up on the wall so people can see where they could go next on their next trip abroad (or even locally). This might inspire others who don’t have passports yet but want one soon!

Bring travel books about places within driving distance so people can plan future trips together based off recommendations from other employees’ blogs/social media accounts/etc., etc., etc..

Pick a Period in History

Decide on a theme for your office decorating and go with it! If you’re doing something more modern like the 1920s or 1960s, try to find some vintage props and furniture to decorate with. If you’re doing something more medieval or Renaissance-y, make sure everyone’s wearing appropriate clothing for their roles as well as having accessories like wands or crowns that fit into their costumes’ themes. Try to incorporate elements of each character’s culture into the decorating—not just using pictures of castles (though if they exist they’ll be great too) but also things like tapestries depicting heraldic devices on shields or armors, paintings by famous artists from those periods, etc., so that everything feels connected together instead of being thrown together randomly.”

Superheroes and Super Villains – or Sidekicks!

On this day, everyone in the office can dress up as their favorite superhero or superheroine. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, make some superhero-themed snacks to serve.

Whatever the case may be, it’s sure to bring extra energy, excitement, and kick-butt power into the room.

Wine-down Friday

Wine-down Friday is a great theme that you can use to promote the idea of casual Fridays. This will allow your employees to let their hair down and enjoy themselves without being too over the top.

Set up a relaxing atmosphere with wine, cheese, chocolate, cheese, and flowers. Also consider adding some relaxing music and mood lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

Free Lunch Fridays

Have a simple potluck where the office provides the bread and condiments for sandwiches, and everything else is up to the team. A few ideas:

  • Dessert
  • Vegetable dish or salad
  • Chips & dip
  • Main course items —for example, soup with breadsticks and lasagna

Christmas in July

Enjoy the Christmas snacks, clothes, and movies when the weather is at its warmest! Christmas in July is a fun way to celebrate holiday traditions with your favorite co-workers.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

What’s better than a Friday? A Friday when you can bring your dog to work!

It’s not just the obvious benefit of having a companion around to keep you company during a long, lonely day at the office. Bringing your canine friend into the workplace is a great way to boost morale and help employees become more relaxed and engaged.

Charity Dress Down Day

A charity dress down day is another great option for a Friday theme. This is when you and your colleagues can get together to donate clothes, money or even food to a local charity. It’s an opportunity for people to give back and also be reminded that there are people out there who need help.

Big Hat Day

Big hat day is a great way to get people excited about their work environment and show them that you are serious about fun in the workplace. It’s a fun activity that everyone can enjoy this Friday!

Crazy Hair Day

Have you ever had a crazy hair day? Re-create it for your co-workers! Or get even more imaginative by adding extra fun, unexpected things to your hair like color spray, clips, straws, glitter, ect.

Insanely Popular End Of Summer Work Party Social Ideas

There are so many creative ways to host a fun summer work party.

You’ve got options, and this list is by no means exhaustive: there are so many creative ways to host a fun summer work party.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular summer parties that will allow you and your co-workers to have a great time!

LOL Comedy Show

If you’re searching for a fun way to cap off the summer, comedy shows are one of the most popular end of summer work party ideas. They help your group relax after a stressful week, and provide you with an opportunity to better get to know your co-workers. Not only do they allow people to cut loose and have a good time, but laughter also has health benefits—it lowers blood pressure, ramps up immune function, and even boosts memory!Insanely Popular End Of Summer Work Party Social Ideas

So if you’d like to host a comedy show party for your friends or coworkers, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A venue that can hold your large audience. If you don’t have access to an auditorium or large conference room at work where everyone can gather, you’ll want to find another place in which people can socialize (like a local bar).
  • Plenty of food and drink. To ensure that everyone has something good to eat while they watch the show (and afterwards), have a buffet set up with snacks and drinks available. You can make this as simple as popcorn and pizza or go all-out by serving hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.
  • An interesting comedian who will make everyone laugh. You’ll want a comic who’s engaging enough that he or she will command attention from every person in attendance—someone who can keep even the most jaded office workers entertained with jokes about news events in the past year, pop culture references about movies or TV shows—and maybe even some zingers about life at “the office.”

Kool Karaoke

Hosting a karaoke party at work is a great way to get everyone together and have fun. You can easily rent equipment from your local music store and have many people singing their favorite songs as loud (or quiet) as they want! Karaoke is always fun but hosting a party where co-workers bond over shared embarrassment and a love for music takes the fun to the next level.

Sometimes its fun to add a healthy level of rivalry to the event by making it a competition. You can even have prizes for the winner like free drinks or movie tickets!

If your work team isn’t overly musical, consider a musical video competition instead of live karaoke. Ask them to submit videos based on some theme that has been chosen beforehand (e.g., “favorite song” or “best costume”). Vote on the best executed video.

Red Carpet Movie Night

If you’re looking for a social idea that will bring everyone together, consider hosting a movie night at the office. It could be outdoors if your space has a lawn or patio area. Renting a projector and screen and setting it up outside is super easy, and you can find great deals on both that include delivery and setup. Pick something that’s appropriate for the whole office (no R-rated movies!), but also something fun. Alternatively, you can show a funny video, or even one of those videos of your team’s greatest achievements. You’d be surprised how people love seeing footage of themselves!

Provide popcorn and drinks, set up some seating (you don’t have to provide chairs—you could just put out blankets), and let everyone kick back and enjoy the show. This is a great way to get people engaged with each other while they relax in an atmosphere outside of work to remind them why they love their jobs so much.

Foodie Festival

Forget the booze, forget the booze. (Kidding.) A foodie party is all about eating good food, and competing to make the best dish among your coworkers. We recommend having a themed party, like a chili cook-off, taco party, or pizza fest to channel individual creativity better.

Tips for hosting:

  • Be sure everyone knows what the theme is ahead of time so that they can prepare suitably. Pick something simple and versatile enough that it won’t leave any guests out of luck if their idea doesn’t pan out. Tacos are always a safe bet for this reason.
  • If you want to hold an actual competition beyond simply sharing different dishes, assign categories before the party so that people know what they’re making and what type of feedback they should be paying attention to. Categories could include “spiciest”, “best raw toppings”, etc..

Creative Photo Shoot Soiree

Take your team on a photo adventure! This is an excellent way to stretch the creative chops of your crew while enjoying beautiful scenery. Pick a theme, whether it’s nature, architecture, or something else entirely. It can be as simple or complex as you like. Gather up some props and have your team create their own original photo shoot based on their interpretation of the theme. Then pick a winner!

  • Add an extra layer of fun by giving out prizes for different categories: most creative use of props, best team work, best individual shot.
  • Make sure to share the photos with everyone so everyone gets to see all the great talent behind your company!

Escape Room Adventure

You don’t need to go far for this idea—you can bring this activity right into your office!

An escape room party is basically a fun and challenging mystery that you and your coworkers work together to solve. It’s a chamber filled with clues, puzzles, and riddles that you must decipher in order to figure out the secret of the room and “escape.”

The experience is equal parts teamwork, problem solving, communication, creativity, and puzzle-solving. This makes it an awesome social event because it brings people closer together through communication and collaboration. Here are some key things to consider if you’re thinking of hosting an escape room party:

  • Make sure the escape room company has great customer reviews. Have they been featured on travel sites? Do people rave about them online?
  • Ask if they have package deals for large groups or parties. Do they have private rooms if you want to host something more intimate? Are there any discounts available? (Call around for price comparisons.)
  • On their website or elsewhere online, do they explain how much time each game takes? How many people can participate at once? Do they explain how difficult their games are based on different factors such as age or mental capacity?, what those factors might be

Casino Night

Casino night is unique because it’s a way to incorporate both gambling and friendly competition into your party.

Alternatively, casino night can be a fun way to raise money for a charity.

It’s important to know that there are many different games you can play at casino nights. These include poker, blackjack, roulette, and craps.

If you want to host a casino night party of your own, first find out if local laws allow gambling in your area. If they do not allow this type of behavior, then consider talking with local police or city officials about the best ways to follow their guidelines and requirements while still having fun with your colleagues at work.

Once you have decided on where and when the party will take place and have notified everyone who needs notification like supervisors or management staff; it’s time to get started planning! This includes things like choosing how much money per ticket each guest should pay (if any), what snacks will be served (or provided), as well as which games will be played during the event itself – for example: Blackjack Craps Roulette Poker Slots Texas Holdem – all these can make up part of an exciting casino-themed evening for friends family members where no one needs leave home until next morning’s meeting starts again!

Buns, Barbecue, and Beer

Hosting a picnic or barbecue party is all about getting the grill going, setting up a picnic table and choosing a great location. Hosting a successful one can be as easy as ABC. However, before you start planning your event there are some things to consider:

  • The most important thing for any party is food! It’s hard to please everyone but you can’t go wrong with all the classic picnic foods such as hamburgers, hotdogs, potato salad, coleslaw and cold cuts. There’s also nothing better than grilled veggies dressed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
  • Where parties are concerned drinks are just as essential so make sure to stock the cooler with plenty of ice-cold beer (or lemonade for those who prefer something non-alcoholic).
  • To keep things lively try having some games like horseshoes or cornhole on hand – they’re guaranteed winners any time!

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