Romantic Ways to Decorate a Hotel Room for Him

Looking to add a little ROMANTIC sizzle to your ho-hum hotel room?

You’re in the right place!

Here’s what you’ll find on this page…

One Sentence Summary:

This page contains the steps needed to decorate a hotel room for a romantic getaway, tips & tricks, easy romantic decoration theme ideas, and common mistakes to keep in mind.

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Step 1: Choose a location (Motel, Bed & Breakfast or Hotel)

Why Choose a Hotel?

Hotels are typically well established and conveniences oriented than other accommodations. They offer high quality amenities, a variety of room styles & sizes, considerate customer service.

Alternatively, hotels are often more expensive than a motel and less personal than a bed & breakfast.

When it comes to decorating for a romantic getaway, a hotel room is the perfect “blank canvas” because of the neutral color themes commonly used and abundance of lighting. Adorn your room with ease and rest assured that when it comes to clean up, as long as you don’t leave an egregious mess, the hospitality staff will take care of it. We recommend verifying an individual hotel’s decoration cleanliness policy before making a reservation.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask for couples benefits! See our recommendations in the Quick Tip below.

  • Quick Tip – Before you check in, ask the hotel what types of couples perks they offer. Many hotels will offer one or many of the following:
    • Room Discount (typically 20%)
    • Upgrading to a larger room or room with a view
    • Couples packages including extra amenities or additional perks
    • Late check out
    • Access to the spa or sauna
    • Decoration packages (the hotel will decorate and clean up for an extra charge)

Why Choose a motel?

Motels are ideal if you need to take a short stop while on the road. Although they offer less amenities, they are often more convenient, private, and inexpensive than a hotel. Additionally, the staff typically have a better pulse on local unique restaurants, activities, and shopping.

When it comes to decorating for a romantic getaway, a motel room should have all basic necessities. Since the standard room décor may not be as quality as other accommodations, you may want to add more decorations to improve the romantic vibe.

Motel staff are typically not as accommodating as hotel staff when it comes to decorating & clean up, so we definitely recommend understanding the facility’s policy before check-in.

  • Quick Tip – Utilize motel staff to make your romantic travel experience extra unique. Make sure to ask them for recommendations in the following areas:
    • Restaurants & shopping
    • Finding local tours or subject matter experts
    • Discovering “locals only” experiences and activities
    • Famous locations to visit in the area

Why Choose a Bed & Breakfast?

Bed & breakfasts are ideal for a relaxing, low stress romantic trip. They tend to have more charming features with amenity offerings that can be either highly unique & personal, or very minimal. You will need to do extra research and coordinate with staff to understand the options.

Since these locations often have small owner-operated staff, they require some extra effort from guests in the form of personal clean up check-out policies. Large messes can yield high fees at checkout.

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Step 2: Prep the Room

How do you Set Up a Hotel Room in Secret?

If you’re trying to make your romantic decor a surprise, there are a few approaches you can take:

  • Have someone else decorate the room for you
  • Go early and decorate the room yourself
  • Ask the hotel staff to decorate the room for you
  • Pay a service to decorate the room for you (we recommend Uberoom)

How to Decorate Like a Designer?

The objective of your decorations is to make the hotel room look personalized, inviting and festive.

Before you check in, study pictures of the room from the website or a review site. If there are aspects of the hotel room that you don’t like, then cover them with things that you do like.

For example, common curtains, bedding, pillows, and lighting can easily be disguised with thoughtful embellishments. Bring your own comfortable pillows, purchase a themed throw blanket, or cover the curtains with a quality backdrop.

Further improve the ambiance by appealing to all of the senses: play fun music, open a delicious smelling air freshener (we recommend against candles because they can set off the fire alarm), turn on a themed loop video or picture on the TV, and hang additional mood lighting.

Remember that most hotel rooms come with a coffee pot, microwave, and/or refrigerator. These items can be used to creatively enhance your décor by allowing you to include small touches such as making small desserts, keeping flowers fresh, or cooking small pre-packaged meals.

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Step 3: Choose a Theme

The most meaningful romantic themes are based on the relationship you share with your significant other. When planning how to decorate your hotel room, we recommend basing your decorations on shared experiences or interests.

However, sometimes its difficult to find a common interest theme or your significant other wouldn’t appreciate that type of theme.

If that sounds like your situation, then feel free to use one of our Romantic party themes below.

If you’re looking to set a more playful mood for a birthday, see our page on How to Decorate a Hotel Room for a Birthday.

I Love You to Pizzas

Bring some steamy cheesy romance to your hotel room with these creative decoration ideas.

Start by converting your space into a quaint pizza parlor with striped awnings, patterned hanging garden fans, giant pizza balloons, and an inviting banner that says “I Love You to Pizzas”.

Add a few pizza plushy pillows to the bed and a large bouquet of two dozen red roses that practically scream “That’s Amore!”

Set the mood with this Romantic Italian Dinner Playlist on Spotify, a video of the Italian Flag from YouTube, or a 10 Hour Spiderman Italian Song that progressively speeds up. Make a tender gift of a pizza box full of topping themed socks.

Order pizza delivery or toss the pizza poppers into the microwave, open your gummy pizza candies, and let the night melt away as you watch Mystic Pizza or Pizza My Heart.

1. Red Striped Awning DécorView Product
2. Two Dozen Red RosesView Product
3. Giant Pizza BalloonView Product
4. Gummy Pizza CandyView Product
5. “I Love You to Pizzas” BannerView Product
6. Pizza Plush PillowView Product
7. Pizza Toppings Socks GiftView Product
8. Hanging Paper Fan DecorationView Product
9. Pizza Poppers SnackView Product

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Breakfast in Bed

If your idea of a romantic vacation includes a relaxing morning with all the cozy comforts, then Breakfast in Bed is the theme for you!

Transform your hotel space with a pastel burlap pennant banner, “Pancakes and Pajamas” shimmer banner, and sweet strawberry hanging lanterns. Liven the room with fresh cut flowers and a friendly fluffy jumbo teddy bear. Improve the ambiance even more by playing some music from this Spotify playlist and using this Youtube video on the TV.

Add a few snug & warm finishing touches by including some bamboo wood breakfast trays, cushy slippers, and a stimulating New York Times Breakfast in Bed Crossword puzzle. Don’t forget to brew a cup of organic Peruvian coffee to go with it!

1. Organic Peruvian CoffeeView Product
2. Strawberry Hanging LanternsView Product
3. Matching Breakfast TraysView Product
4. Colorful Burlap Pennant BannerView Product
5. Jumbo Teddy BearView Product
6. Fresh Floral Boquete ArrangementView Product
7. Pancakes & Pajamas Banner DecorationView Product
8. New York Times Breakfast in Bed Crossword BookView Product
9. Memory Foam SlippersView Product

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All You Need Is Love

Whether your relationship started in the 1970’s or has only existed for 70 minutes, for this romantic trip All You Need is Love and some groovy décor.

Hang the colorful flower power wall decals around the room, psychedelic Abbey Road Beatles poster above the bed, and shiny disco balls from the ceiling. Plug in your “All You Need is Love” neon light and mind-bending lava lamp.

Throw your plush pink fur rug on the floor and your record coasters on the table.

Improve the ambiance even more by playing some music from this Spotify playlist and using these funky 70’s video projections from YouTube on the TV.

Finally, put on your hippie circle glasses, snack on some M&Ms because this hotel room is cool beans.

1. Lime Green Classic M&MsView Product
2. Lava LampView Product
3. Hanging Disco BallsView Product
4. Flower Wall Decal StickersView Product
5. “All You Need Is Love” Glow SignView Product
6. Hippie Circle Sun GlassesView Product
7. Plush Pink Fur RugView Product
8. Beatles Abbey Road PosterView Product
9. Decorative Record CoastersView Product

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Step 4: Execute the Surprise

Once the room is fully decorated, it’s time to execute the big reveal!

Hopefully your partner doesn’t know about your decorations ahead of time. If they do know or suspect something, we recommend charging ahead anyway! A fun decorated room is a thoughtful gesture and will still make your partner feel appreciated.

If they don’t know about your decorations and you’re trying to maintain the secret, we recommend doing the following to avoid making any mistakes:

  • Make sure the front desk doesn’t give away the surprise! If you have checked in earlier and already have the key, either ask the front desk ahead of time to be discrete when you check in or pretend to check in while your romantic partner waits somewhere else.
  • Talk about things that make it seem like you haven’t been in this place before. Comment on fun or interesting features of the hotel.
  • Ask your partner to open the door to the room door. This is pretty easy to do if you offer to carry most of the bags/luggage.

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17 Best Epic Board Game Night Ideas For Adults

Whether you’re a strategy junkie, word game geek, or just love cards, these epic board game night ideas, are perfect for anyone who wants to have hours of fun with their best gamer friends.

From the creating the ultimate board game music playlist, to making recipes from an edible game cookbook, here are some great ways that you might not have known about before to make your next board game night completely epic!

Luckily, we’ve got some ideas that will help you make this party as successful as possible. Enjoy our list broken down into the following activity types:

  1. Choose a Theme
  2. Create the Ambiance
  3. Select the Food
  4. Intensify the Game Play
  5. Party Game Suggestion List

How to Choose a Board Game Night Theme?

Creating a truly epic board game night requires cohesive planning and thoughtful preparation. We recommend starting with a theme. This will set an overall tone for the evening and make it easier to plan other epic party aspects. Having a theme isn’t essential, but it does make for a more interactive, cohesive, and spirited board gaming experience!

1. Choose a Theme Related to a Specific Game

  1. Gather Game Options. Select 1 or more games that have a longer play time (preferably 45 min to 2 hours).
  2. Make Final Selection. From that list, refine to your final choice by the process of elimination, random selection, or putting the decision to a vote among your guests (we recommend using a survey). If you already have your heart set on one specific game, feel free to skip this step.
  3. Name the Theme. Using a creative party name will add extra flair to your fun evening. Choose a name from a unique aspect of the game. For example, “Boardwalk or Bust” for Monopoly, “Wheat Built This City” for Settlers of Catan, “Terraforming is a Sprint, not a MARSarthon” for Terraforming Mars, or “You’ve Got to Be Kitten Me!” for Exploding Kittens.

2. Choose Games Related to a Specific Theme

If you prefer to play multiple games of a similar type, choose a theme based on a common component. Consider the following factors:

  • Style of Game – Options include deduction, word or letters, wargames, fantasy, Eurogames, negotiation, economic situation games, etc.
  • Setting of Game
    • Medieval conquest (Settlers of Catan, Risk, Dungeons & Dragons, Avalon)
    • Wall Street or finance related (Acquire, Cover Your Assets, Anti-Monopoly, Power Grid, The Landlord’s Game)
    • Art & creativity (Bob Ross: Art of Chill Game, Masterpiece, Fresco, Cubist, Modern Art, Final Touch)
    • Family or childhood games (Mousetrap, Operation, Life, Twister, Sorry!)
    • Western games (Ticket to Ride, Bang!, Great Western Trail, Lewis & Clark, Trekking the National Parks)
    • Global games (Azul, 7 Wonders, First Empires, Small World)
  • Mechanics of Game
    • Card games
    • Dice games
    • Paper & pencil games
    • Spinning
    • Turn based

How to Create the Board Game Party Ambiance?

3. Make a Board Game Music Playlist

Music is a great way to dial up the tension or add a calming vibe to your party. You can create your own playlist, use a board game playlist generation website (we recommend Melodies: Music for Board Games), or find a playlist on your favorite music app.

Here are some of our favorites from Spotify:

Here are some of our favorites from YouTube:

4. Designate a “Right Hand Man” for New & First Time Players

For more complicated games, new or first time players often need advice or feedback about the rules and strategy. Designate a non-biased, experienced player as the “right hand man” to help those newer players make better decisions and not slow down game play.

5. Have a Costume Contest

Invite your guests to wear a costume that matches a specific character, concept, or item related to your theme. During the evening have guests vote on the best costume and award the winner a fun prize or additional advantage (time/money/turns) during game play.

Example costume ideas:

  • Pandemic – have guests wear lab coats and goggles.
  • Disney Villainous – have guests come as any preferred Disney character (good or evil).
  • Herd Mentality – have guests dress as their favorite barnyard animal or as a farmer.

6. Create the Ultimate Board Game Zone or Visit One

Make your board game space as welcoming and optimized for gaming as possible!

Create a designated snack & supplies area with easy access to both. Stock the area with yummy treats and all necessary gaming supplies (pens, pencils, paper, extra dice, dry erase boards & pens, etc.).

If possible, set up an area with comfortable gaming chairs and tables. Sofas, inflatable furniture, bean bags, or really any extra comfy seat is perfect.

Alternatively, many cities have dedicated Board Game shops and playing spaces that are perfectly set up for a quality gaming evening. If you’re going for a “low effort” board game night, consider having your party at one of these spots instead of at your home.

What Food Should be Served?

7. Match the Menu to the Theme

It may take some research to create the perfect menu, but serving themed party food is a super fun way to bring your board game to life!

Here are a few examples of game specific foods you can serve:

  • Samplers of Catan -> Settlers of Catan
  • Carcassarole -> Carcassonne
  • Sushi -> Sushi Go!
  • Pass the Pigs in a Blanket -> Pass the Pigs
  • The Lord of the Onion Rings: Journeys to Griddle Earth -> Lord of the Rinds: Journeys to Middle Earth
  • Twinkie Imperium -> Twilight Imperium

8. Edible Games Cookbook

Do you like to play with your food? The Edible Games Cookbook offers a dozen sweet & savory tasty edible games. Although all of the games have different rules, the one thing they have in common is the fact that all game pieces are edible.

Here are a few examples of the games you’ll get:

  • Patisserie Code – An escape room style secret code baked into fluffy cream puffs.
  • Flavor Roulette – Everything on the plate looks the same, but one item tastes significantly less delicious. Keep a straight face to win the game!
  • Roll for Flavor – Compete for ingredients while baking a unique batch of cupcakes from scratch. Your creativity and fate will decide the overall delectability of your final creation.
  • Master Taster – Do you have the taste buds to become the best food taster in the land? This challenge is one part memory, one part tastebud strength, and one part food smarts.

9. Easy Snacking

If you’re trying to keep the game night simple, just buy some pre-made party snacks. If you’re looking to make something yourself check out our post 11 Cheap Easy Inexpensive Party Snack Ideas for Adults.

How to Intensify Game Play?

10. Have a Game Marathon

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good competitive board game, but what if you played it 24 hours straight? Imagine the laughs, the joy—and the soreness.

Seriously though, you can have different experiences and better develop your skills by having your own board game marathon. There are a few ways to play games for an extended period of time:

  • Play one game multiple times in a row. The idea here is that you play the same game or type of game multiple times in a row for a specific length of time. If a player wants out early, they must forfeit all their money/property/cards/whatever else is being used as currency in that particular game. The person with the most points or, if everyone quits, the last person standing is the winner!
  • Play multiple games at once. This one can get a little crazy! Choose 2-3 games to play for a certain period of time. Start with one game, set up as normal, choose a mechanism to trigger switching to the next game (set length of time, rolling a certain number on the dice, or landing on a certain location), and start play as normal. Once the switch game mechanism is triggered, stop play of the first game and start play of the second game. Using this method stretches your mind in different ways and keeps you on your toes!. It also helps prevent burnout among players who might otherwise get bored after spending too much time focusing on only one kind of gameplay experience; this way everyone gets equal opportunities throughout your marathon gaming session(s).

11. Keep One or Two Non-Board Games on Hand

Non-board games are a great way to get people involved in a game night for shorter periods of time or without them having to commit to a longer game. They are perfect for guests who aren’t interested in the current game of choice or are just “stopping in for a little while”.

Here are some non-board games that can be picked up quickly, and still be tons of fun:

12. Have “Rules” for Competitive Play

If you’re playing a fast-paced game with multiple rounds, its fun to add a large public tournament style bracket and an overall player scoreboard. As the game progresses update the bracket and scoreboard to heighten the competitive tension.

Grab a prize for the winner, think of a penalty for the loser, and you’re good to go!

13. Take Trivia Breaks

Some board games can last many hours with few opportunities to take a break. Space things out a bit by setting an alarm to pause the game for guests to go to the bathroom, grab a drink, or eat a snack (every 30 – 45 minutes). During the break, keep the theme of the party going by finding some trivia questions about the night’s focus game, overall game theme, or board games in general.

14. Play Games in Teams or Pairs Rather than Individually

Teamwork makes the dream work! A fun way to meld minds and increase competitiveness is to convert a solo game position to a team position. Have two or more people play the position and work together to make moves and decisions. You can help each other out and celebrate each other’s successes.

15. Add a Timer or Hourglass

If someone takes too long to make their move, start timing them (we recommend 3 minutes). Once the timer is out the move is over regardless.

16. Winner’s Reward

The winner gets to flip the board and the loser has to clean it up.

17. Add Some Extra Rules

Back in 2021 a reddit reader posed a simple question to the greater reddit community. After thousands of comments and tens of thousands of upvotes the community generated some really good responses to his original question,What is an extra rule your family added to a popular board or card game?

  • Scrabble
    • Start With the Longest – The person who can make the longest word goes first, highest points breaks a tie. This makes the game easier to start by ensuring there are lots of spots to place letters.
    • Real Words – Any word is valid if you can find it in any book in the library within three minutes.
  • Monopoly
    • Add a ‘Mugging’ Rule – This allows a player to mug another player when they land on a space the first player is currently occupying. Both players roll the dice and if the mugger rolls higher the first player pays $100 if the first player rolls higher the mugger goes to jail.
    • Change the Dice – Replace the default 6 sided dice with a 20 sided dice.
    • No Yelling – If you yell at all you give half of your money to the bank as a “Yelling Tax”.
  • Uno
    • No Apologies – If you say the word “sorry” while playing you pick up 2 extra cards.
    • Stacking +4’s – Should be totally valid, Hasbro’s rule against it is lame.
    • Red Means Mute – If the color red is being played you have to pick up one card for every word you say.
  • Cards Against Humanity
    • Storytelling Version – Pick up one card at a time and start a story. Each player draws a new card and builds onto the story. Be prepared for some pretty crazy stories!
    • Betting – Players can bet one of more of their black cards to play another white card.
  • Catan
    • Knight Move Bonus – When you roll a seven or play a knight, you have to move the robber, but you can move it back to the desert and claim any resource you want from the ‘bank.’

Not Sure What to Play With a Group of Your Friends?

Here are some awesome games you should try:

  • Secret Hitler (5-10 players)– This social deduction game recreates the historical outcome of World War 2. Players take on a role (liberal politicians or fascists) and try to win by furthering their team’s agenda. The fascists want to assassinate Hitler and the the liberals want to keep Hitler alive as the supreme leader. Each team carefully balances playing their role while not blowing their cover trying not to blow their cover in front of the other players!
  • Codenames (2-8+ players) –  Players are divided into two teams with rival spymasters who know the hidden identities of 25 secret agents. The objective of the game is for each team to identify all hidden identities without uncovering the hidden identities for the opposing team. This is done by having the spymasters give clues to their team mates and giving them the chance to interpret each clue.
  • The Metagame (2-50 players) – The card game with six unique card games to facilitate conversation & opinions about culture. There’s not just one way to play – this game is the ultimate cure for awkward silences. It sparks conversation about everything from high art to trashy entertainment and everything in­ between.
  • What Do You Meme? (3-20 players) – Compete against your friends to create the funniest meme caption! Game cards have clever and interesting pictures that will spark your creativity and humor.
  • One Night Ultimate Werewolf (3-10 players) – The game of mafia with a fun fantasy twist! Each player is assigned a secret role with a specific task. During a game round, called a “night phase”, a player is killed and the rest of the group must figure out who did it.
  • Cards Against Humanity (4+ players) – Considered the “Adult” version of Apples to Apples. Players each have a hand of descriptive cards, which they use to fill in blanks or answer questions posed by the theme card. The funniest answer will win the round!
  • The Hot Seat (4-10 players) – Each round one player has to answer a question about themselves and the other players have to answer the question as if they are the person who is answering. What will the person in the Hot Seat say? Who will have the best answer?


Playing games is a great way to bond and become closer with friends and family. We hope these party tips have given you some new ideas on how to make your next board game night as epic as possible!

14 Creative New Party Themes For College

If you want to throw a party that your friends will never forget, try one of these creative new party themes! They’re not just offbeat, they’re also super easy to pull off.

So start this semester with a unique bash rather than another kegger or the beer pong competition that everyone expects. We’ve put together a list of 14 college party themes and bucketed them into types:

What are the Best Classy Party Themes?

1. Gatsby-Inspired Party

Gatsby parties are all about glamor and luxury, so you’ll want to make sure you have everything from fancy hats to posh cigars. You can choose from a variety of different decades when deciding on this theme: 1920s, modern day, or somewhere in between.

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2. After Dark

An after dark party theme is ideal for anyone who wants to get rid of their inhibitions and really let their hair down. It’s also a great idea for those who love dressing up as it makes it easier for you to get into character and really embrace the spirit of this theme.

What are the Best Glow Party Themes?

You’ve been to the same parties during your time in college. You’ve done togas and you’ve done Anything But Clothes. Perhaps it’s time for something glowing. Here are a few unique college party themes that will make your next social gathering memorable for all involved:

3. Glow in the Dark Candyland Party

It’s not hard to find party supplies for a glow in the dark party, but if you want to go above and beyond, you can make your own! This can be done by painting objects with glow in the dark paint or buying glow in the dark stickers that can be applied to anything. You could even make your own Candyland board game out of cardboard or wood and draw it on top of some kind of mat so that it doesn’t get messed up when used.

4. Black Light Party

Black lights are fun and can change the atmosphere of your house in an instant. Really, they make everything look cool. Make some fun glowing cocktails, grab some neon makeup, and prepare yourself to party!

5. Neon Gangster Party

This is a great party theme for anyone who is an old school gangster rap fan. The neon color scheme is perfect for this theme, and it’s simple to pull together. You can decorate your house with pictures of gangsters from the past, play some classic rap music, and dress in your finest neon apparel.

What are the Best Artsy Party Themes?

6. Body Paint Party

The body paint party is a slightly more risqué theme that can be easily adapted to your college’s culture and student body. The basic premise of the event is to put on black and white clothes, bring a paint brush, and break out the body paint. This could take many forms: face paint, temporary tattoos or even real body paint (provided by an artist). Let your guests creativity flow as they paint and draw on each other.

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7. Iron Chef Party

If you’ve ever watched the show Iron Chef, then you know the basics of what it entails. The idea is to have a competition between two teams of chefs (or in this case, party-goers) who will compete against each other to create the best dish using only one secret ingredient that they must bring with them. Each team should be judged on taste, presentation and originality. Winning team gets a prize!

What are the Best Throwback Party Themes?

8. Classic Cartoon Party

If you’re in college, chances are you’ve grown up watching cartoons like SpongeBob SquarePants, Scooby-Doo and Tom & Jerry. Now that you’re older, you may be looking for a new way to celebrate your favorite cartoons. If so, why not throw a cartoon party? You can make it fun and entertaining by inviting all of your friends over and having them dress up as their favorite characters.

9. 90’s House Party

The 90s was a decade of change. The Berlin Wall fell, the World Wide Web was born, and grunge music became popular. It was a time of rebellion and experimentation. People wore their feelings on their sleeves, and hung up their cares to dry.

If you’re looking for a great party idea this year, why not pick one of these 90s themed parties? You’ll be sure to have a blast!

10. “What’s Your Major?” Party Theme

If you’re majoring in communications or any other field related to social sciences or humanities, this is one of the easiest college party themes ever. For example, if you’re studying psychology, you could go with “Freak Show” (if it fits your personality).

11. Mascot Themed Party

If you’re a student at a university or college, then it’s likely that you have an official mascot. Most colleges have mascots that are designed to embody everything that is great about their school in the form of an animal or creature. If your school has a mascot, then why not throw a party based on them? You could also base your theme around another aspect related to the university such as its colors or location.

12. Sports-Themed Party

If you or your friends are into sports, then this is the theme for you. The best thing about it is that it can be applied to nearly any sport and still work just as well. You can show up as players from any team—college or pro—and simply wear jerseys of their favorites. If there’s a big game on during your party timeframe, consider watching it together but keeping score by who gets the most likes on their Instagram post with the #sportsparty hashtag at midnight (or whenever other random scoring you think).

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What are the Best Eco Fresh Party Themes?

13. Down on the Farm

If you’re looking for something different than the normal frat parties, this theme is perfect for you. It’s easy and inexpensive to set up and can be used for any occasion. All that’s needed are some farm animal decorations like cows, pigs and chickens along with some hay bales and other country props, cute country outfits, and delicious BBQ food!

14. Go Green

Green is the new black. It’s a great color for your party, and it’s also something you can do to reduce your footprint on this earth.

You can use green as a theme for your college party, from food to decorations that are eco-friendly. If you want to go all out with the idea of going green, consider investing in reusable cups and plates that guests can take home at the end of the night. You can also ask them not to throw any trash away if they don’t want to waste paper bags or plastic cups by telling them it’s part of an experiment where you’re trying out different ways of reducing waste!


Hey, party people! I hope these ideas have gotten your creativity flowing, and that you’re ready to throw a killer party. Remember: don’t be afraid to mix and match elements from different themes to find the perfect vibe for your party. It’ll make it even more unique—and fun!

Surprisingly Genuine Birthday Party Ideas For Dog Lovers

Have you ever wanted to celebrate your birthday with your best friend? No, I’m not talking about that one girl from college who still texts you on the daily; I’m talking about your dog! If it’s your birthday and you’d like to spend it with man’s best friend, here are some great ideas for things to do.

We’ve broken down the best birthday party ideas for dog lovers into three categories:

What are the Best “Outside” Dog Party Ideas?

1. Organize a Dog-Themed Scavenger Hunt

There are tons of ways to choose scavenger hunt treasures—you can start by identifying what would be most interesting for a dog (like squeaky toys) and then adding some items that appeal more specifically to human guests (like mugs or books).

Once you have your list of items ready, it’s time to make it fun for your dog! Include plenty of opportunities for him/her to sniff around and explore new areas. Make sure he/she doesn’t get too distracted from finding all the clues by having an extra person supervise playtime with other dogs so no one gets hurt.

2. Teach your Dog a New Trick

Teaching your dog a new trick is a great way to bond with them, especially if you’re training them to do something as silly as walking backwards or sitting on top of their head! It’s also fun for you and your canine pal, since this is one of those things that will only work when both of you are having fun together.

3. Host The Canine Olympics

Some of the best activities for dogs are also the ones that get them out of the house and allow them to socialize with other canines. The most common canine events include agility trials, flyball races and Frisbee competitions.

4. Plan a Large Group Dog Walk (or hike)

If you have a lot of friends with dogs who love being outside, plan a large group dog walk. This can be done in your neighborhood or at a local park. You could even organize it as an adventure hike if you want to visit some more remote areas.

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5. Bring The Party to the Beach! Or the Forest, or Park…

If you want to throw a birthday party for your pup that won’t cost an arm and a leg, why not just bring the party to them? Bring along their favorite toys and treats—the more fun things they have at their disposal while they’re out there having fun with other dogs and people, the better!

What are the Best “Inside” Dog Party Themes?

6. Your Dog as the Party Theme

One option is to use your pet as an inspiration for the theme. For example, if you have an adorable puppy, consider using him or her as the center of attention at this party by dressing them up in birthday hats and bows and having them greet guests when they arrive at your home! Hang pictures and stickers of your dog or just their cute face around the space.

yourself when planning your own celebration click here .

7. Check Out a Dog-Friendly Café or Restaurant

It may be surprising to learn that many restaurants allow dogs inside. Additionally, many dog-friendly restaurants have an extra menu for their canine guests (some even throw in a special treat or two). Grab a few friends & pups and have a nice, simple dinner party!

8. Host a Dog-Friendly Dinner Party

You don’t have to be a dog lover to host a dog-friendly dinner party. If you love dogs, then it’s a no-brainer. But even if you’re not passionate about canines, it’s still fun to get together with friends and family.

9. Dog-Centered Game Night with Friends

If you’re the type of person who likes to host parties, then having a game night is an easy way to get your friends together. You can invite other dog lovers and their furry friends, or if you have a lot of non-dog lovers in your life, invite them too! Make sure that you provide a variety of games for all ages (including kids). Also make sure that everyone has fun and feels comfortable at the party by providing food that suits all human & canine tastes.

What are the Best Ways to Have a Dog Party Without a Dog?

Party ides for those who love dogs, but may not currently have a furry friend.

10. Volunteer at a Local Shelter

Grab some friends and head to the nearest animal shelter. Volunteering is a great way to spend time and make an impact. Additionally, its a great way to meet new people and make friends who love animals just as much as you do!

11. Host a Dog-Themed Movie Night

When you think “dog movie,” you might think of Marley & Me. But there are plenty of other good dog-related films that are both entertaining and appropriate for the whole family. Check out these ideas:


Well, folks, I hope you’ve enjoyed this list of birthday party ideas for dog lovers! The next time someone asks what you want for your birthday, why not suggest one of these ideas instead? Because really… Who needs another present that’s going to sit on your shelf, collecting dust? You are a dog lover and there’s no better way to celebrate than by getting out there and enjoying life with your furry best friend. After all: what could possibly be better than spending time with the animal that loves you unconditionally?!

Unique Party Ideas For 5 Year Olds

If you’re looking for unique party ideas for your child’s 5th birthday, it can be hard to figure out what to do. As someone who has gone through this myself many times, I know how difficult it can be. And as a blogger for kids’ activities, I am always searching for ideas and new things to try. In this blog post, I will share some of the best ones that we have found or tried ourselves. This list is not exhaustive – there are so many other great ideas out there! If you have one that isn’t listed here please let me know in the comments section below!

What are the most unique parties for 5 year olds?

1. Bubble Disco

Bubble discos are a groovy way to celebrate! Your five year old and their friends will have loads of fun blowing bubbles, dancing, and playing games.

2. Slime Party

Slime is great fun for kids of all ages, but it’s especially popular with five year olds. It’s a very tactile activity and goes hand in hand with science and sensory play. You can make your own slime with just a few ingredients, or you can buy some ready made. There are lots of different types of slime on the market now, including glow in the dark slime and edible slime!

3. Carnival Games

Carnival games are an easy way to add some fun to your party! Kids can play these games solo or in groups, so there will be plenty of chances for everyone to get involved.

The best carnival games for kids are those that involve aiming for targets or knocking down bottles, tossing, and fishing. Don’t forget to serve yummy carnival food like hot dogs and cotton candy!

4. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun way to get kids moving and thinking creatively. You can make it a race, which gives everyone an incentive to go fast. Or you could make it a scavenger hunt, where each team gets points for each item they find. Either way, the kids will have a great time!

5. Train Ride

A ride-on train is a great way to celebrate a birthday with small children, especially those who are fascinated by trains. You can buy one, rent, or visit one in your community.

6. Water Play

Water play is one of the most popular activities at kids’ parties. It’s a great way to cool off during the warmer months and something that can be easily adapted to suit any guest count. At our five-year-old’s birthday party, we had a small pool set up in the back garden with a few inflatables floating around inside it. We also set up an area where kids could fill their own buckets with water and throw water balloons so they could play around with it after they’d had their fill of splashing around!

7. Backyard Farm Party

If your child loves the farm, then this is a perfect theme for his or her birthday party. You can decorate your backyard with farm animals and set up a small barn where they can play games. You can also add props like hay bales and stumps so that they look like they’re in an actual farm. There are many different types of games that you can play at this kind of party including cowboys and Indians, hide-and-seek, tag, etc.

8. Art Party

Young children love coloring, so why not throw them an art party? All you need are some crayons, colored pencils or markers and an old box (we have an old shoe box we use). Then, head over to Etsy and download these printable coloring sheets. They’re designed specifically for this age group and they come in different themes (pets, princesses, dinosaurs and more!). Finally, set up your table with all the supplies and let the kids go at it!

9. Music Making Party

A music making party for 5 year olds is a great idea for a birthday celebration. Many kids this age are eager to learn how to play an instrument or sing, and they can have fun doing it! You can also teach them dance moves and have them practice some of the dance steps you know.

10. Night Games Party

You can throw a flash light party for your 5 year old’s birthday. The best part about this is that your child will get to go outside and play with their friends in the dark. They will also be able to make crafts using flashlights.

You can have games for the kids to play with glow sticks, like T-shirt Tag or Freeze Dance! A flashlight party is an awesome way to celebrate because it gives the kids freedom and allows them to express themselves while they are having fun.

11. Zoo Animal Party

Your child’s 5th birthday is a big one, and you want to celebrate it in a way that reflects both their age and the world around them. The Zoo Animal Party Theme is the perfect way to do this! This theme is ideal for any kid who loves animals, but can be adapted to fit any party needs or budget.

12. Safari Jungle Party

If you’re looking for a fun party theme that is sure to be a hit with kids, consider going on safari! The party can be held at the park or at home with your own backyard being transformed into the jungle environment.

13. Under The Sea Party

This is one of our favorite party themes because it’s so versatile. You can do it in just about any color scheme and decorate with anything from fish nets to beach balls. It also lends itself well to a variety of activities, like making play dough seashells or painting ocean scenes on paper plates. A fun craft project for this theme is making fish puppets out of colored paper plates and pipe cleaners.

14. Dinosaur World

Have a roaring good time at a dinosaur party! You can start off with the egg hunt. If you want to make it even more fun, hide some eggs outside in the backyard and then bring them into the house as well. The kids will love this! You might also want to include some kind of craft activities or sticker books.


Planning a unique party for your child isn’t easy. I hope you found some party ideas that have given you inspiration for your little one’s next birthday. Please comment with any other themes or activities that have been a big hit at your kid’s parties!

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Best Unexpected Get Together Ideas For Friends At Home

Forget to pop in on your close friends over the weekend? Have a spontaneous and unexpected get together, at home. Fun and great memories guaranteed!  

Sometimes, the best memories in life are the ones that are most unexpected.

We have tons of great ideas for fun unplanned activities broken down into three “get together recommendation” categories:

  • Impromptu Large Groups
  • Spontaneous Potluck
  • Last Minute Girls Night

What are the Best Large Group Get Together Ideas?

Board Games & Bacon

Have everyone bring their favorite board game while enjoying some savory bacon.

Board games are a great way to get together with friends. And bacon is a really delicious food. Why not enjoy both at the same time with some of your favorite people?

If you’ve got the right group of people and plenty of food and drinks on hand, it’s possible that one night could turn into many nights spent playing board games at your place or another friend’s house. It’s never too late to start a new tradition!

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Mood Movies

Follow your heart and choose a movie that really vibes.

Have a movie night with your friends. Choose a movie that you all want to watch. If you’re having a hard time try this Movie Recommendation Engine. If you’re hosting the party, pick up some good-quality popcorn and candy bars.

Bagpipes & Books

Have everyone bring their favorite book, share what they love, and play some delightful Celtic music.

If you’re looking for a book club-esque idea for your next get together, this is the perfect one. Have everyone bring their favorite book and have everyone go around and talk about what they like and dislike about the book they brought. Talk about why you enjoy it or don’t enjoy it, what’s made you want to keep reading it despite its flaws (or how much those flaws bother you), what could be changed in order to make it better, etc. This can also be done while playing games or doing other activities—the main thing is that everyone gets involved!

What are the Best Potluck Get Together Ideas?

Design a Wine Bar

Have some extra wine sitting around? Create a wine bar with lots of samples!

You can create a wine bar as a great way to have fun with your friends. You will need different types of wines; we recommend bottles that are budget friendly and some that are more expensive. Grab a few glasses and enjoy!

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Create a Chocolate Dipping Bar

Super easy sweet treat potluck.

You provide the dipping chocolate (check out this super easy 3 ingredient recipe here!)and your friends provide the dippable items (strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, etc.). If you want to go above and beyond provide a few toppings to place on dipped items while they are cooling.

Cheese + Crackers + Fruit Spreads

A cheese bar is a great way to entertain and can be made quite easily. The important thing is that you have several types of cheeses, crackers, and/or fruit spreads to accompany them. If you are serving the cheese at room temperature, it’s best to serve it on a platter rather than sliced onto individual crackers.

What are the Best Girls Night Get Together Ideas?

Host a Pamper Party

An evening of luxury, relaxing, and rejuvenation.

If your pals are anything like you, they love to spend time pampering themselves. And who doesn’t want to ‘renew’ with their besties? You can make it extra special by creating a menu of spa treatments for your guests to choose from, then have them bring their favorite beauty products along so that everyone try something new. Your friends will walk away feeling fabulous!

Spontaneous DIY Night

Finish up all of those pesky little side projects Everyone has side projects, why not do them together in an arts and crafty night?

If you have a few friends who are into crafting, it can be fun to have a spontaneous craft night. You can choose to make something specific or just dive in and see what happens. The key is to be creative and have fun!

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Unique Party Ideas For 13 Year Olds

Welcome to being a teenager! The 13th birthday party marks your child’s entry into teenage-hood. All sorts of things are changing for them so its important to show that you are excited for them to grow up and also taking them seriously. Here are some unique and fun party ideas for teens who have just entered their teenage years broken down into the following categories:

  • Creative Parties
  • Active Parties
  • Puzzle Parties
  • Party Harty Parties

What are the Best Creative Party Ideas?

Digital Painting Party

Digital painting is the perfect party activity for 13-year-olds who love art and technology. This type of party can be held at a local art studio where the kids can create their own masterpieces on an interactive tablet or at home with a qualified instructor.

Lego Rollercoaster Build Party

If your son or daughter is a Lego or rollercoaster fanatic (*fun gift idea*), it’s time to get creative with those blocks. When guests arrive, give them an objective to build the most impressive coaster or full theme park with certain limitation criteria to meet (number of loops or minimum coaster height requirement). If guests finish early, have them make a poster or advertisement for their coaster or watch the Lego Movie.

Fashion Show Party

A fashion show party theme is perfect for a young teen birthday that is looking for something more sophisticated than your average teenage party. Its a great theme for a group of teenagers with different fashion tastes and style.

Provide a few basic design materials like old clothing, fabric, embellishments, and adhesive. Then create a runway on your lawn or in the house and hang up signs with the names of different designers (for example, Dolce & Gabbana). Crank up the music and have each guest walk the runway in their own unique outfit. The audience can even vote on who won best dressed!

What are the Best Active Parties?

Nerf Battle

Forget the piñata — why not have a Nerf battle instead? This is one of our favorite party ideas for 13 year olds because it’s so easy and inexpensive to set up! Just buy some foam dart guns (these ones are a great deal!) that are safe for children, then divide the guests into two teams and set them up in opposite corners of your backyard or front yard. Give each team an objective to either hit a certain type of target or tag a certain number of opponents with their darts and let them loose to play & have fun.

For a little added safety, we recommend giving each guest a pair of goggles to protect their eyes and make sure to have a few Band-Aids on hand!

Paintball Party

Paintballing is a great activity for teens. A paintball course can be set up in your backyard, forest, park, or field. If you are not allowed to play with paintballs in your area, then we recommend visiting an indoor facility.

What are the Best Puzzle Parties?

Murder Mystery Party

Murder mysteries are a great way for your kids to interact with each other in an interesting way. You can host a murder mystery dinner party from an online site or kit or even rent out a venue so that guests have time and space to come together and work together as part of their mysterious investigation.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a great way to get your teen’s mind working and the adrenaline pumping. You can make an escape room more challenging by including some physical challenges and by having your teens use their problem-solving skills. For example, you could have them solve a puzzle that involves moving furniture or climbing over obstacles in order to reach the next clue.

Friday the 13th (Scary Haunted House Party)

This is a great idea if your kids love scary movies or stories. Invite guests to wear their creepiest costumes, set up a haunted house in your garage or backyard, and put on a scary movie.

Video Game Party

Video game parties are a unique way to celebrate the 13th birthday, and they’re perfect for those kids who love gaming. There are many different games you can play at a video game party, but some of the best party games include:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Minecraft (this one is great because it doesn’t require any additional hardware or controllers)

What are the Best Party Harty Ideas?

Wild Wild West Party

Bring the West to life! Set the party tone by asking guests to wear their finest cowboy hats, bandanas, and cowboy boots. Then prepare your best homestyle cooking: chili con carne, baked beans, cornbread muffins, apple pie and lemonade.

Fun activities can include country dancing, a water pistol fight, and throwing a home made rodeo complete with modified horseback riding, roping, barrel racing, and more!

Glow in the Dark Mini-Rave

This theme is a great choice for teens who love to dance, listen to music, and glow up. The theme can easily be adapted to fit any age group and budget. Just get some black lights and provide a few basics for your guests:

Glow all out!

With a little imagination and creativity, you can host a great party for your teen.

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Unique Party Ideas for Toddlers


If you’re looking for a unique party idea for toddlers, look no further! We’ve got lots of ideas that are sure to make your party boy or girl smile.

Planning the right party can be a lot of fun, but it’s also a lot of work. But don’t worry! The important thing is to just keep your child’s interests in mind and plan something that will make them happy. You can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like, and with these ideas, you should be well on your way to creating some lasting memories for both of you.

This post will share unique party ideas for toddlers in the following interest areas:

  • Creativity
  • Physical Activity
  • Food

What are the best party ideas for creative toddlers?

Storybook Party

Ask guests dress up like a character from their favorite book.
Have a storybook reading session and have a book swap, where guests bring books for others to trade & take home with them.

Sensory Party – Messy is Okay!

If your toddler is anything like mine, then sensory parties are a hit! My daughter loves to get messy and play with all the different textures. It’s also great for their development. Activities like finger painting, shaving cream, play dough, and blobbing paint will keep all of your little guests engaged & entertained.


This classic Build-A-Bear spin-off party is a creative child’s dream! Ask each guest to bring their favorite stuffed animal for games, treats, and a little innovative sizzle.

Provide design materials like felt, paper, scissors, glue, and markers for the guest to make accessories for both the themselves and the stuffed animal. The kids will have fun making little outfits, masks, and bows while their stuffed animals will love being the center of attention!

What are the best themes for active toddlers?

Scavenger Hunt Obstacle Course Party

Scavenger hunts are a fun way to get the kids moving, but they’re also great for learning. When you create a list of items to find, you can include things that will teach your little one about the world around them—like looking for a rock with moss on it or finding an orange leaf. Add an extra bit of challenge to the hunt by throwing in a few extra obstacles! Toddlers will love the mix of physical and mental challenges.

This party activity is also incredibly versatile: Not only does it work well for indoor or outdoor parties, but you can easily adjust the difficulty level depending on how old your guests are and how much time you have!

Action Sports Party

This is a great idea for kids who love playing outside with their friends and family. Set up stations around the house that have different sports activities for each guest to participate in. For example, set up a basketball hoop in one room and have your guests shoot baskets. Set up an archery target with balloons taped onto it in another room and have them try to hit them with soft arrows. In another room, set up a soccer net and have them kick balls into it.

You can also set up areas where kids can play cards or board games, while others are participating in the active sports activities.

What are the best food themed parties?

Farmer’s Market Party

Toddlers love food! You can have a farmer’s market or supermarket themed birthday party for your toddler. You can serve different types of food including fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses and let the children enjoy the tasting experience. This is an excellent way to introduce toddlers to healthy eating habits.

Set up some activity stations around the yard or indoors for different fruits, vegetables, dips, or sauces. You can also set up stations for simple food prep activities like peeling, cutting, and mixing.

Cake Decorating Party

Hosting a Cake Decorating Party is a great way to celebrate your little one’s birthday. It’s also an opportunity for them to make friends with other toddlers, since they won’t be as focused on the cake and icing as much as they’d be at a traditional birthday party.

Have some extra icing in case things get messy!

DIY Pizza Party!

Kids love putting on different toppings, sauces, and cheeses on their own slices of pizza.

Making pizza from scratch is a great way to let kids be in charge of their toppings. They can choose what they want on their pizza, and will have fun figuring out how to put it all together!

While youre waiting for the pizzas to cook, set up some guest entertainment with a coloring station or head outside for a water balloon fight.


It can be overwhelming to plan a party for toddlers. It’s important to remember that the most important thing about your child’s party is that it’s fun and safe for everyone. So, hopefully we gave you some great ideas that you can use at your next gathering!

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Special Party Entertainment Ideas For 6 Year Olds


If you’re planning an upcoming party for a six-year-old and feeling a little bit stumped, we have some wonderful ideas to get you started. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor party, in the heat of summer or during the chillier months of fall and winter, these ideas will inspire you to throw a fantastic party that your child will remember forever.

Successful Party Suggestions

Having a successful party for kids is easy with these suggestions.

  • Give the kids something to do. Kids love to be active, so give them something that involves running around and getting their energy out. .
  • Make sure that the kids are having fun! A good rule of thumb is if they’re not having fun, then you’re not doing it right! Keep things light, fun, and easy going.
  • Keep the party short and sweet. Don’t let things drag on longer than necessary. Short, simple, and fun activities are the best.

Other kids party ideas you might be interested in:

Indoor Picnic

Cover the floor with a blanket or a bedsheet, put down some toys & books, and stock up on food and drinks that are easy for little hands to hold (sandwiches cut into quarters, small containers of yogurt) or that can be eaten with fingers (fruit skewers).

Sock Skating

To set up the game, you will need a small space with enough room for all the players to stand in a circle. The kids should be evenly spaced and facing outward. The players should have their socks on (if they are not wearing them already). Then you need a ball, which can be anything from a tennis ball or soccer ball to even an inflated beach ball!

The rules of sock skating are simple: You must keep one foot on the ground at all times, but you may use your other foot to kick or move the ball around as needed. If someone steps off their designated toe spot (their “toe box”) then they are out of the game!

Balloon Animals

Balloon animals are a classic party entertainment idea for kids of all ages. There are so many different types of balloons available today that you can find one that will suit any theme or color scheme.

Face Painting

Face painting is one of the most popular party entertainment ideas for children. It’s fun, it’s inexpensive and it’s easy to do! You can find face painting kits at most party supply stores or online.

The best part about face painting is that it is a great way to engage your guests and make them feel special! Face painting can also be a great way to keep kids entertained while you’re preparing food or getting ready for the party.

Musical Statues

Musical statues is a game that everyone can play, and it’s perfect for your six-year-old’s birthday party. It’s also a great way to keep kids entertained without having to worry about them getting bored or losing control of the situation.

Musical statues is pretty simple—you just stand still while music plays (or while someone counts down from 10). Then, when the music stops or someone says “freeze!” everyone has to stay frozen in whatever position they’re in until the music starts playing again. If you want, you can make it more fun by playing loud music so that children have a harder time staying still or making them freeze into funny positions instead of just standing there like statues!

Dress Up Box Party

A dress up box party is a fun party idea for kids. Invite guests to bring a costume to wear at the party. Make sure the costumes are age appropriate and have a theme, like pirates or fairies. This can be an easy way to entertain children!

Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt can be a fun way for your child to celebrate their big day. You don’t want to make it too hard or too easy, but somewhere in between so that they are able to find the clues and finish before time runs out.

You can make it as simple or complex as you please with either a basic list of random objects and directions to find them, or you could create an extensive scavenger hunt with puzzles and riddles written out on pieces of paper that need solving first before being able to continue with the next clue.

Tea Party

A tea party is a great way to bring a little bit of elegance and sophistication to your 6-year-old’s party. Invite a few friends over, make some fancy hats, drink tea, and eat cookies. Yum!


And that’s a wrap on our list of party entertainment ideas for 6-year-olds! We hope you found something useful in this article that will help make your event a smashing success. As long as you remember to have fun, everything else should fall into place. Happy planning!

8 Little Dirty Romantic Birthday Ideas At Home For Him

Every birthday is special, but this year you want to add a little extra spicy hot. That’s where we come in. Adding a few dirty little romantic birthday ideas will help you make his day unforgettable.

After reading this article, you’ll have enough ideas that it won’t just be a birthday celebration, it will be a weekend getaway with tons of fun activities to try.

So let’s get started!

1) Write A Love Letter

If you want to kick things up a notch, why not write your partner a love letter? It’s a simple and effective way of showing them how much you truly care about them and their happiness. The best part? A love letter is something that can be done anywhere (and at any time) because all you need is some paper and pen!

If you’re really feeling romantic, take the time to write out the letter in an old-fashioned way on nicer paper, with a quality pen, with a splash of perfume, and closed with a wax seal.

2) Massages

If you’re looking for an intimate way to celebrate your partner’s birthday and make him feel special on his big day—or any other occasion—then definitely consider giving him one or two before the big event.

Or consider getting a couples massage together. A good massage can be a wonderful way to relax, unwind, and reconnect with your partner.

3) Bubble Bath for Two

You cant go wrong if you follow the romantic bath stereotypes: a tub, bubbles, candles, wine, chocolate, and strawberries.

This is a fantastic opportunity to introduce a few fun ideas that you’ve wanted to try in the past, but perhaps considered to be too messy: whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and honey.

4) Have a Candlelight Dinner

One of the best ways to up the romantic ambiance is to add candles. And one of the best ways to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Combine the two, and you are looking at a power duo.

5) Make a Homemade Naughty Birthday Card

You can make all sorts of cards with different themes/jokes/puns within them as well as send messages via social media sites like Facebook if you want some more options too!

6) Go Skinny Dipping

It’s not just for kids anymore! Go ahead and strip down and jump in — it’s good exercise, plus it’ll make you feel closer to each other.

7) Body Paint

Body paint is a fun way to get creative, experiment with colors, and feel close with your main squeeze. You don’t need any special equipment for body painting, so it’s perfect for those who are looking for cheap ideas. Body painting can be done at home or in a hotel room and is best when you do it with someone you love.

8) Bedroom Truth or Dare

Get creative with your choices. For example, if you choose “truth,” ask him to tell you something that he’s been holding back from you. If he chooses “dare,” tell him to wear your favorite outfit for the next week and leave it on until bedtime!

Take turns asking each other questions—the best way to get honest answers is by having fun with them! Remember: this isn’t about blaming or shaming each other for past mistakes; it’s about learning more about what makes them tick without judgment or shame. The point here is to be playful and open-minded so that everyone feels comfortable sharing as much information as possible without feeling awkward about it later.


Your man is going to love these sexy, romantic birthday ideas. And if you want even more tips on how to make his special day the best ever, check out our other articles. We’ve got tons of great ideas for men of all ages and interests.