15 Fantastic Friday Themes For The Office That You Need To Know

One of the best things you can do to get your team involved and excited about having fun at work is by choosing a fun Friday theme that everyone can participate in. These can be referred to as “Fun Fridays” or “Happy Hours”. They’re great because they allow people to step outside their comfort zone, try something new, and celebrate with their co-workers.

Unite the Team with Friday Theme Ideas for the Office

  • Team Building Exercises – If you have more than one department working together in your office building, then this is a great way for them to bond over time spent together outside of work. Employees will love these types of events since it gives them an opportunity to interact with each other beyond just being co-workers at an office environment.
  • Appreciation Events – If there’s someone who has done something extraordinary at work, perhaps even saving lives on multiple occasions or putting in extra effort every day because they care about what goes on around them (aka: not just themselves), then this type of event could be very rewarding for both parties involved! Sometimes all we need is a little recognition from others who matter most—those closest around us such as family members/friends/coworkers…etcetera).

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Dress Like The Characters In Your Favorite Book

Since everyone likes different reading genres and styles, this theme will bring many interesting costumes. You’ll be surprised what your co-workers come up with!

Wear Your Favorite Team’s Jersey

Wear your favorite team’s jersey. If you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, wear one of their jerseys to work. If you’re a huge New York Giants fan, don’t be afraid to wear your Eli Manning jersey!

If you’re not into sports, wear a jersey from a team you would like to support. Maybe there’s an underdog in sports that you think deserves more attention and recognition. Or maybe there are two teams on opposite sides of town that have always been rivals. Choose a side and get creative!

Wear Your Sports Gear

This sports theme alternative is a great theme for anyone likes to play more than watch sports. Just dress in your favorite sporting gear and head into the office!

Dress Like A Kid Again

While it may seem like a silly theme, dressing like a kid again is one of the best ways to bring some spunk and playfulness into your office. Encourage team mates to wear clothing with their favorite childhood character, show, activity, or game.

Dress Like An Olympic Athlete

  • Wear your favorite country’s colors.
  • Wear your favorite sport.
  • Wear your favorite Olympic sport uniform or shoes.

Dream Up A Vacation Destination Theme

Dress like tourists: Get your coworkers involved by bringing pictures of their destination and dressing up as tourists!

Bring a souvenir: Buy or make something that represents your destination and bring it in for all to see!

Bring postcards from around the world (or just from your town) and pin them up on the wall so people can see where they could go next on their next trip abroad (or even locally). This might inspire others who don’t have passports yet but want one soon!

Bring travel books about places within driving distance so people can plan future trips together based off recommendations from other employees’ blogs/social media accounts/etc., etc., etc..

Pick a Period in History

Decide on a theme for your office decorating and go with it! If you’re doing something more modern like the 1920s or 1960s, try to find some vintage props and furniture to decorate with. If you’re doing something more medieval or Renaissance-y, make sure everyone’s wearing appropriate clothing for their roles as well as having accessories like wands or crowns that fit into their costumes’ themes. Try to incorporate elements of each character’s culture into the decorating—not just using pictures of castles (though if they exist they’ll be great too) but also things like tapestries depicting heraldic devices on shields or armors, paintings by famous artists from those periods, etc., so that everything feels connected together instead of being thrown together randomly.”

Superheroes and Super Villains – or Sidekicks!

On this day, everyone in the office can dress up as their favorite superhero or superheroine. And if you’re feeling particularly creative, make some superhero-themed snacks to serve.

Whatever the case may be, it’s sure to bring extra energy, excitement, and kick-butt power into the room.

Wine-down Friday

Wine-down Friday is a great theme that you can use to promote the idea of casual Fridays. This will allow your employees to let their hair down and enjoy themselves without being too over the top.

Set up a relaxing atmosphere with wine, cheese, chocolate, cheese, and flowers. Also consider adding some relaxing music and mood lighting to enhance the atmosphere.

Free Lunch Fridays

Have a simple potluck where the office provides the bread and condiments for sandwiches, and everything else is up to the team. A few ideas:

  • Dessert
  • Vegetable dish or salad
  • Chips & dip
  • Main course items —for example, soup with breadsticks and lasagna

Christmas in July

Enjoy the Christmas snacks, clothes, and movies when the weather is at its warmest! Christmas in July is a fun way to celebrate holiday traditions with your favorite co-workers.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

What’s better than a Friday? A Friday when you can bring your dog to work!

It’s not just the obvious benefit of having a companion around to keep you company during a long, lonely day at the office. Bringing your canine friend into the workplace is a great way to boost morale and help employees become more relaxed and engaged.

Charity Dress Down Day

A charity dress down day is another great option for a Friday theme. This is when you and your colleagues can get together to donate clothes, money or even food to a local charity. It’s an opportunity for people to give back and also be reminded that there are people out there who need help.

Big Hat Day

Big hat day is a great way to get people excited about their work environment and show them that you are serious about fun in the workplace. It’s a fun activity that everyone can enjoy this Friday!

Crazy Hair Day

Have you ever had a crazy hair day? Re-create it for your co-workers! Or get even more imaginative by adding extra fun, unexpected things to your hair like color spray, clips, straws, glitter, ect.