Best Unexpected Get Together Ideas For Friends At Home

Forget to pop in on your close friends over the weekend? Have a spontaneous and unexpected get together, at home. Fun and great memories guaranteed!  

Sometimes, the best memories in life are the ones that are most unexpected.

We have tons of great ideas for fun unplanned activities broken down into three “get together recommendation” categories:

  • Impromptu Large Groups
  • Spontaneous Potluck
  • Last Minute Girls Night

What are the Best Large Group Get Together Ideas?

Board Games & Bacon

Have everyone bring their favorite board game while enjoying some savory bacon.

Board games are a great way to get together with friends. And bacon is a really delicious food. Why not enjoy both at the same time with some of your favorite people?

If you’ve got the right group of people and plenty of food and drinks on hand, it’s possible that one night could turn into many nights spent playing board games at your place or another friend’s house. It’s never too late to start a new tradition!

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Mood Movies

Follow your heart and choose a movie that really vibes.

Have a movie night with your friends. Choose a movie that you all want to watch. If you’re having a hard time try this Movie Recommendation Engine. If you’re hosting the party, pick up some good-quality popcorn and candy bars.

Bagpipes & Books

Have everyone bring their favorite book, share what they love, and play some delightful Celtic music.

If you’re looking for a book club-esque idea for your next get together, this is the perfect one. Have everyone bring their favorite book and have everyone go around and talk about what they like and dislike about the book they brought. Talk about why you enjoy it or don’t enjoy it, what’s made you want to keep reading it despite its flaws (or how much those flaws bother you), what could be changed in order to make it better, etc. This can also be done while playing games or doing other activities—the main thing is that everyone gets involved!

What are the Best Potluck Get Together Ideas?

Design a Wine Bar

Have some extra wine sitting around? Create a wine bar with lots of samples!

You can create a wine bar as a great way to have fun with your friends. You will need different types of wines; we recommend bottles that are budget friendly and some that are more expensive. Grab a few glasses and enjoy!

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Create a Chocolate Dipping Bar

Super easy sweet treat potluck.

You provide the dipping chocolate (check out this super easy 3 ingredient recipe here!)and your friends provide the dippable items (strawberries, marshmallows, cookies, etc.). If you want to go above and beyond provide a few toppings to place on dipped items while they are cooling.

Cheese + Crackers + Fruit Spreads

A cheese bar is a great way to entertain and can be made quite easily. The important thing is that you have several types of cheeses, crackers, and/or fruit spreads to accompany them. If you are serving the cheese at room temperature, it’s best to serve it on a platter rather than sliced onto individual crackers.

What are the Best Girls Night Get Together Ideas?

Host a Pamper Party

An evening of luxury, relaxing, and rejuvenation.

If your pals are anything like you, they love to spend time pampering themselves. And who doesn’t want to ‘renew’ with their besties? You can make it extra special by creating a menu of spa treatments for your guests to choose from, then have them bring their favorite beauty products along so that everyone try something new. Your friends will walk away feeling fabulous!

Spontaneous DIY Night

Finish up all of those pesky little side projects Everyone has side projects, why not do them together in an arts and crafty night?

If you have a few friends who are into crafting, it can be fun to have a spontaneous craft night. You can choose to make something specific or just dive in and see what happens. The key is to be creative and have fun!

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4 Practical Spring Birthday Party Ideas For Adults You Need To Know

If you’re an adult, planning your birthday party can feel like a daunting task. If you’re not quite sure where to start, don’t worry! We’ve got some great ideas for you that will make the process of planning a breeze and turn your party into one that everyone will be talking about for years.

Host a Movie Marathon

Movie marathons are fun events that allow people to relax and enjoy their time away from the pressures of life. They’re also perfect if you want to spend time with friends while enjoying some great movies!

If you’re looking for something simple, select one genre and watch as many movies as possible from that genre in one day. For example, you could watch all of the James Bond movies in one day or all of the Star Wars movies in one day.

Plan a Game Night

Nothing says “spring” like friends gathering together to celebrate. For your next birthday, plan a game night complete with snacks and drinks. Your guests can bring their own favorites or play standard favorites like charades, Pictionary, or board games. You can also include other activities such as making up silly songs or playing pin the tail on the donkey. This is an excellent way to keep everyone entertained and laughing throughout the night!

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Host a Birthday Potluck

If you’re looking for an easy and fun way to get a group of friends together, potluck parties are the perfect choice. Not only will they expand your culinary horizons, but they also make it easier on you as the host! If guests bring their own foods and drinks, then you don’t have to worry about organizing them or even providing them yourself.

Potlucks can be organized around any theme—you could organize a taco night, Venezuelan-inspired quesadilla party, or Indian curry night (whatever floats your boat).

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in our travels around the globe: people love trying new things! This means that each dish will be unique and taste amazing because it’s tailored specifically for various palettes.

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Take a Trip to the Amusement Park

Visiting an amusement park is a great way to celebrate a birthday. You can spend time with family and friends, get some exercise, have fun and let go of stress. It’s no wonder that so many people love going to the amusement park for their birthdays!


So there you have it—four ideas for your next birthday party! We hope this has given you some inspiration and a few suggestions for making your celebration extra special. To sum up, don’t forget that planning a good party is all about being creative with your ideas. Think about what makes each individual happy, then plan accordingly!

9 Best Easy Finger Food Ideas For a Kids Birthday Party

Have you ever thrown a kid’s birthday party where you’ve had to serve food to kids? Spoiler alert! Its a lot of preparation, serving, and clean up.

If you’re not looking forward to the food at your child’s next party, maybe it’s time to think outside of the box.

When I host parties for kids, I like to plan a menu that my younger guests will not only enjoy, but also will be appealing to adults. I’ve found that finger foods are some of the easiest to assemble and are cleanest for kids to eat.

Links to official recipes are embedded in the recipe name – I hope you enjoy my list of favorites!

These finger foods are broken down into a few categories:

What are the Best Savory Finger Foods for a Kids Party?

Confetti Pinwheels (Tortillas or Bread)

  • Tortillas or Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
  • Cheese Filling: Cream cheese, shredded cheese (cheddar, Swiss or Monterey jack)
  • ‘Confetti’: Jalapeno peppers, red onions, tomato and lettuce are my favorites)

The first step is to spread cream cheese on one tortilla. Then layer shredded cheese on top of the cream cheese. Then add your chopped veggies and roll it up tight like a burrito. Repeat until you have enough for everyone at your party! Then cut them into slices and enjoy!

Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups

Ham and Cheese Roll-Ups are a childhood favorite: simple to make, easy to transport and require no utensils—a win! Just spread some cream cheese on your choice of tortilla (we recommend white or whole wheat), add ham slices along with some cheddar cheese slices, roll up tightly then wrap in plastic wrap or place in a container for storage until ready for serving.

Baked Mini Quiches

Baked mini quiches are the perfect finger food for your child’s birthday party. Kids love them and they are so easy to make! You can even make these ahead of time, which makes preparation an absolute breeze.

Quiche is also a versatile dish that can be made with almost any filling you can imagine, including vegetables and meats. And if you happen to have some leftovers around the house (and who doesn’t?), this recipe is an awesome way to use them up!

Mini Corn Dogs

Mini corn dogs are a great finger food for kids. They can be made easily and served easily, making them perfect for parties. Plus, your kids will love eating them because they’re so yummy!

BBQ Crockpot Meatballs

You can also prepare a double batch of meatballs in the crockpot and serve them with toothpicks. This makes it easy to grab a few at a time, and they won’t be as messy as if you had served them on skewers.

Serve the meatballs with ketchup or barbecue sauce for dipping. You can also serve your meatballs on top of bread or rolls for an even easier finger food experience!

Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

For this finger food idea, you’ll need:

  • White bread (preferably whole wheat if possible)
  • A cookie cutter that fits on top of your muffin tin and will give you mini circles. If you don’t have one, use a round cutter to make the circles instead.
  • Mini muffin tins (and paper liners if using them)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut out all the white bread rounds using your cookie cutter or round cutter. Place them into mini muffin tins lined with paper cupcake liners if desired. Bake for 10 minutes until golden brown on top and bottom of each sandwich. Remove from oven and serve warm!

What are the Best Sweet Finger Foods for a Kids Party?

Marshmallow Pops

Have you ever tried making marshmallow pops? These are a great idea for kids birthday party finger food. It’s so simple, yet they look super cute and taste amazing. You can get these ready in advance and then just put them out on the table when everyone wants to snack.

What are the Best Healthy Finger Foods for a Kids Party?

Colorful Fruit Kabobs

Kabobs are a great way to get kids to eat fruit. They’re colorful, fun and easy to make in advance. You can use any fruit you’d like—strawberries and pineapple work well with this recipe but you could also try bananas or even melon balls!

Apple Chips with Cinnamon Snickerdoodle Dip

I love serving this as an appetizer at a kid’s birthday party because it’s sweet, but not too sweet. The apples have a nice crunch to them that goes well with the cinnamon dip.

Baked Apple Chips (bake at 250 degrees on parchment paper)

  • 3 apples, I used Gala and Granny Smith
  • 2 teaspoons granulated sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon

Cinnamon Dip (mix all ingredients together)

  • 4 ounces low fat cream cheese, softened
  • 1/2 cup plain non-fat Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon butter, softened
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt

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The Best Birthday Lunch Ideas For Adults

I love to eat. I love to bake. And I love to try new recipes and foods. When planning my birthday lunch I was debating between two fantastic options: going somewhere local, & special in my hometown or having a once in a lifetime culinary experience.

I found some pretty impressive famous lunches to try (travel required!) and a fun list of local alternatives.

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What are the best ‘Once In A Lifetime’ Birthday Lunches?

Manhattan Beach Post – Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach Post is a modern American seafood restaurant located in Manhattan Beach, California. The menu is focused on fresh seafood and features signature dishes like “oysters & champagne” and “seared scallops.”

The intimate atmosphere of Manhattan Beach Post allows for an enjoyable dining experience that can be enjoyed by groups large or small. The casual setting also makes it ideal for hosting parties with family and friends alike, especially when paired with live music on the weekends. If you want to enjoy dinner while watching dolphins play off the coast or catch a game of beach volleyball, this might just be your new favorite spot!

The Backroom at One57 – New York City, NY

If you’re looking for a fancy lunch in New York City, The Backroom at One57 is a great option. Located on 157 West 57th Street in Midtown Manhattan, The Backroom at One57 offers fine dining with lunch and dinner menus inspired by local fare and seasonal ingredients.

The restaurant is open for brunch, lunch and dinner seven days a week and serves one of the best burgers in New York City (if not the entire world). You can also enjoy some amazing seafood dishes here like Grilled Octopus Salad with chickpeas, Spanish onion puree, preserved lemon and red wine vinaigrette dressing or Seared Scallops with rocoto pepper butter sauce over wild mushrooms risotto with truffle oil.

The Loveless Cafe – Nashville, TN

This cute cafe and shop combo boasts the best biscuits in Nashville! Known for high quality southern comfort food and a cozy ambiance, it is the perfect place for a quaint breakfast lunch!

How Can I Make A Local Birthday Lunch Special?

Eat out at a popular restaurant

A great way to celebrate a birthday is to have a delicious meal out. Choose a restaurant that has a fun atmosphere, makes you feel like you’re in vacation mode, and offers good food and service.

When booking your table (or even just finding one), look for places with interesting menus—not just boring old burgers and fries! Make sure everyone can find something delicious on there because everyone deserves their own special meal during this special day!

Host a Potluck

  • Make a list of food items to bring. You can’t just show up with a bottle of wine and expect everyone to be happy. Making a list helps you remember all the things you need, like enough plates and utensils, cups, napkins, salt and pepper shakers (if they’re not provided), etc.
  • Make sure there are enough tables/chairs/seating options available for everyone who’s coming. If there isn’t enough seating space or tables set up when people arrive at your house party or potluck event, it’ll cause some serious stress! Don’t forget about having extra chairs on hand just in case someone else drops by unannounced—it happens more often than we think!
  • Make sure there’s plenty of food prepared so no one goes hungry throughout the night; even if they’re not eating what you cooked (or brought), at least give them something appetizing so they don’t starve while waiting for the next dish from their neighbor’s table!

Order In

If you’re not into cooking, but still want a place to go for lunch with your friends, there are plenty of options that won’t require you to leave the house.

  • Order in from a restaurant. If you live near a more upscale neighborhood and have access to takeout menus from local restaurants, call ahead and order food to be delivered right when your guests arrive.
  • Order in from a food delivery service. There are several apps that let people order directly from their phones or computers—just about any time of day! This can be convenient for busy people who don’t want the hassle of driving out for food or dealing with finding parking at certain restaurants.

Enjoy a Picnic

  • Pack a picnic basket. You don’t have to go overboard here. A few sandwiches and some cans of soda are all you need for an easy, low-cost birthday lunch. If you’re feeling fancy, however, try making your own picnic food by buying ingredients and cooking them in advance (a great way to save money).
  • Take a blanket with you when you go out on your picnic! This isn’t just so that everyone can sit down; blankets are also good protection against dirt and bugs while outdoors. Plus they add an extra layer of comfort for those who aren’t used to sitting on grass or rocks for long periods of time – especially if it’s cold out!
  • Go swimming if the weather is warm enough—swimming pools are great places for birthdays because they allow kids and adults alike plenty of space without crowding anyone else around them too much… plus there’s always room in case anyone needs help getting out after they’ve had enough fun splashing around!

Spectacular Birthday Treat Ideas for your Greatest Friends

Birthdays are a great opportunity to celebrate your friends, show them how much you care, and ‘treat’ them to something a little extra special.

This year, try doing something new, different, or unexpected. Here are 8 spectacular birthday treat ideas for your significant other, friends, or family.

If you decide to go bigger than a treat, and throw a whole party, check out our post on the Ultimate List of Adult Color Party Themes.

For the Adventurous Friend: An ‘Open When’ Envelope and Box

A thoughtful gift doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, and it can definitely be constantly surprising. Give your friend a box of gifts or fun activities to do during their birthday and seal each one in an individual envelope to be opened only at a specified time.

The gifts or activities can be as simple or creative as you want them to be. You could write notes about why your friend means so much to you, write memories of times spent together, give them a coupon for something they like doing (like going out for coffee), draw pictures of your favorite moments together, decorate each one however fits your friend best.

The point is that it’s not an expensive item—it’s an expression of how much they mean to you and how grateful you are for their friendship.

For the Sweets Lover: A Giant Customized Cookie Cake

When your friend’s birthday rolls around, you want to find a way to celebrate that makes them feel special. If you’re looking to do something different than the typical “happy birthday” text or shout out on social media, consider surprising them with a giant, custom decorated cookie cake instead.

It’s easy to make at home or purchase from a store. So skip the fancy dinner and start planning an silly evening in with friends decorating giant cookie cakes!

For the Green Nature-Lover: Delicacies Developed in Organic Dirt

If your friend is an organic food connoisseur, make your birthday treat extra thoughtful by finding a fun organic dessert. An organic food is one that has been grown or raised in a way that supports the growth of healthy soil. Organic farmers use natural fertilizers and pest controls instead of synthetic chemicals. The result is healthier plants and animals, which makes for healthier people.

We recommend Gold Belly! As one of America’s only fully organic bake shops, you will have no trouble finding a yummy birthday option.

For the Fitness Junky: Fragrant Long-Lasting Sweet

Know someone who is on a serious fitness journey? If health is the main priority, then it only makes sense to make their birthday a healthy one too. Curb their sweet tooth by grabbing a healthy smoothie, acai bowl, or yogurt together, and gifting them the a mouthwatering candle or room freshener that can be enjoyed as a sweet delicious ‘treat’ for weeks to come.

For the Fun-Lover: Foods You Can Play With

If you’re anything like me, food is just plain fun. Whether you playfully arrange cubed cheese and crackers on a plate in the shape of your friend’s face, or foods that require some creativity, fun food is a birthday must.

With that in mind, here are a few quirky options:

  • Ring Pops
  • Custom Designed Pancakes
  • Animal Shaped Bao Buns
  • Alphabet Soup
  • Wooden Drumstick Spoons
  • Marshmallow Shooter Gun w/Marshmallows

For the Fine Drink Lover: A Custom Wine Bottle

The idea is simple: A bottle of your friend’s favorite wine, customized with a message.

The great thing about this present is that it’s inexpensive and easy to put together. Plus, you’ve got the option to go as simple or creative as you like.

If you’re short on time and just want something small, all you need is a bottle of your favorite wine (or, even better, their favorite) and a piece of paper to write a message on. Wrap it up in a paper bag, tie it with a ribbon and bow, and voila—you’ve got yourself an instant gift that your friend will love.

If you want to up the quality of your gift, you can purchase quality customizable wines from Windsor Vineyards.

For the Festive Decor-Oriented Darling: Chic Bouquet of Balloons

You know how it is, you have a friend who’s getting older and you don’t want to buy them another book or home decor item. You want to find something that’s going to make them feel special, but also make them smile.

Themed balloon bouquets are all the rage right now. Party companies offer tons of cute, fun designs that will definitely fit the interest or aesthetic taste of the birthday person!

For the One who Loves Trying New Things: Eclectic Collection of Unique Snacks

If you’re looking for a unique gift to give your best friend on their birthday, try creating a gift basket filled with interesting snacks. It’s easy to do, and more affordable than you might think!

Use a container that suits your friend’s interests and head to a specialty store that stocks unique snacks and drinks. Stock up on a few uncommon foods and a few things your friend will enjoy, the mix of flavors will make the treat much more exciting!

Insanely Easy Adult Color Theme Party Guide

Looking for a full, FREE Adult Color Themed Party Guide?

You’re in the right place!

Here’s what you’ll find on this page…


  • List of Unique Multi-Color Party Themes
  • Drink Recipes for Each Color of the Rainbow
  • Easy Costume Ideas

Note: This Adult Color Party Guide is part of an ongoing project to summarize the Best Color Party Themes of all time. You can find other fun party themes here and here.

Disclaimer:  As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Color theme adult parties are all the rage!

For those a little behind this recent Tiktok-breakout craze, an Adult Color Theme Party consists of three main components:

  • Dressing up in a specific color (from the colorful hair on your head to the sox on your toes).
  • Crafting a fun, creative mixed drink in your chosen color (enough servings to share with all the other color-lovers).
  • Drinking the mixed drinks and having an amazing evening basking in a rainbow of colorful people.

For serious party planners looking for a unique festivity for all of their favorite people, this is the party for you. This party is a fantastic opportunity to craft a rainbow-themed, aesthetically lovely, BYO delicious mixed drink fiesta. And we’re here to help.

Happily, Adult Color Theme Parties vary as much in complexity as they do in class and are the perfect event for anyone who enjoys:

  • Beautifully crafted mixed drinks
  • Funky, creative costumes
  • Playful colors
  • Unique, unforgettable experiences

If colors are totally your thing, but a night of booze really isn’t, all of the ideas in this article are easily modified to be dry, clean, and/or family friendly.

Bring on the colors!

Party Themes


Refined evening soirée with sumptuous snacks and imaginative ways for guests to exhibit their creativity.

Food. For this type of party you have two primary options: museum-style charcuterie or use food as the art.

Museum-Style Charcuterie – Serve a classy array of high quality foods arranged in attractive clusters. Common items include: fine meat, exotic cheese, flavored honey or jam, normal or chocolate-covered nuts, finger fruit, vegetables, etc.

Food as the Art – Serve white foods with colorful toppings such as baked potatoes with cheese, green onions, bacon; cheese pizza with pepperoni, veggies, and fun sauces; or white frosted cupcakes with food gels, sprinkles, and decals.

Ambiance & Decorations. Keep a minimal decor to inspire an ‘art museum’ type feel. Play calm, coffee shop music, remove extra art & decorations to give the space a roomy feel, and if you have fun art on the walls add description cards to give the guests a feel for the work. Also consider designing a mini ‘museum gift shop’ area with party favors, funky cultural knickknacks, and art supplies.

Activities. Ask guests to bring a white article of clothing, when they arrive give them a pallet & brush with fabric paint, instruct them to paint on other guest’s white clothing & leave their signature, and give awards at the end for the best shirt (best painter, most painted guest, creative theming, funniest, etc).

Channel your inner “Princess Diaries” and pin paint filled balloons to a canvas either outside or in a well protected area of your event space. Give guests darts and let their throwing skill create a masterpiece.

Color Block Beauty Blowout

Bold, bright beautification & style blowout for all the color-loving babes #girlsnight.

Food. Solid color everything! Extra points if you choose skin-healthy foods like bowls of similar colored berries, avocado dip, assorted nuts, and spa water. Otherwise, offer bowls of fun colored foods like gold fish, green grapes, red velvet brownies, lays or ruffles, purple jello, blue laffy taffy, and white popcorn to make a beautiful plate of yummyness!

Ambiance & Decorations. Consider a more simple approach – let the color blocking feature the night! Play some spa music, light some candles, and pull out your house plants (both real & artificial 😉). Vibe with the mood.

Activities. Color blocking is a fun, design and aesthetic trend used to create beautiful color combinations for a variety of uses (clothes, makeup, interior design, etc.)

For the purposes of this post, the theme is beautification/makeup but you could choose any design focus that fits your preferences.

Before the party, share an instructional article or video with guests about color blocking, ask guests to come bare skinned (make-up free), and ask guests to bring a few of their favorite cosmetic items. At the party, set aside a set *block* of time (45 min is perfect) for guests to design a color blocked look, have show & tell, and take some glam shots.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to the best adult color themed part on the block!

Food. Focus on fun aspects from the movie and create themed food to match: chocolate tornadoes (bugles), lions and tigers and bears… oh my! (Circus animal cookies), ruby red meatballs, somewhere over the rainbow fruit salad, Glinda’s wand (donuts on a stick), and melted witch punch (green punch with ice cubes).

Ambiance & Decorations. If you want to appease your inner minimalist, aim for the classic “there’s not place like home” inspiration. Make your space feel as much like home as possible. Add inspiring Wizard of Oz quotes around your space. Hide ruby slippers around your space and award guests who find them.

If you want to go all out, create themed areas for each part of the movie: Kansas, Munchkin Land, the forest, Emerald City, Winkie Country, etc. There are so many super cute ideas on Pinterest.

Activities. Black & White Photography – Ask guests to only take black & white photos during the party. At the end have each guest submit their best photo and have the group vote on the best picture. This is actually harder than it sounds since most of the party will have lots of color & dimension.

Ice Breaker – One of the best lessons from the Wizard of Oz is that there is a lot of value in making new friends. Start the party by gathering the group and having each person give their unique answer to the question “If you met the Wizard of Oz, what would you ask for?”

The Name Game – Wizard of Oz Edition! Assign guests a classic character, write the name on a sticky note, and stick the note to their forehead so they cannot see it (see character list below). Each guest has to guess who they are by asking questions about their character to other players.

  • Dorothy
  • Scarecrow
  • Tin Man
  • Cowardly Lion
  • Wicked Witch of the West
  • Glinda (The Good Witch of the North)
  • Wizard of Oz
  • Auntie Em
  • Toto
  • Munchkin Mayor
  • Winged Monkey
  • Miss Gulch

Taste the Rainbow

The color-packed, sugar rush party you’ve always been craving.

Food. Rainbow grilled cheese or macaroni & cheese with a ‘side of color’ mixed fruit and veggie cups. Rainbow popsicles. Rainbow Jello topped with whipped cream. And, of course, skittles.

Ambiance & Decorations. Use classic party decorations such as balloons, streamers, expandable paper centerpieces in new ways. Buy some of each in all colors of the rainbow and make your space come alive with color.

You could also just purchase this super cute party pack from Amazon for only $17!

Activities. Hold a Skittles Taste Test Competition. Over the past few years Skittles has received a lot of negative feedback about the subtle flavor differences in their candies. Put a bag to the test with your guests!

Make a Collaborative Skittles Mural. Skittles + Glue + Fun Numbered Picture Outline = Skittles By Numbers. If you need more inspiration use the most rainbow friendly search engine you can think of (ie. Google).

Do the Skittles Ice Breaker Activity. This is a classic ice breaker for a reason – its a fantastic way to get to know other people in a new environment.

Singing in the Rain(bow)

Hark back to classic Hollywood with this vintage musical, colorful cocktail party.

Food. Retro-fit your menu with vintage flavors and 1950’s classics! A few favorites include: pot pie, fresh baked rolls, macaroni & cheese, pineapple upside down cake, deviled eggs, sloppy Joe’s, and lemon chiffon pie.

Ambiance & Decorations. Umbrellas, rain boots, and fresh flowers everywhere!! The more fresh color you can pack into your space, the better. Also, consider having the classic movie “Singing in the Rain” playing in a separate space or on low in the background.

Activities. Broadway musical karaoke – play “Name that Musical” (divide into teams and the first team to guess a snippet of music gets a point), and “Singing in the Rain” trivia.

Singing in the Brain – Grab a few activities that stimulate the mind but facilitate conversation. You can purchase unique Broadway puzzles & Madlibs for every musical style.

It’s My Favorite Color Party!

Celebrate your favorite color with all of your favorite people.

Food. Only serve food that is your favorite color. Give a prize to the person whose tongue is the deepest shade of your favorite color. Food dye-it-up!

Ambiance & Decorations. Make a playlist with songs about or containing your color, monochrome decorate your space with streamers, balloons, etc. in the color (put it everywhere), and change light bulbs or cover existing lights with cellophane of your color.

Activities. Ask guests to bring a funny or interesting “throw away” item with them from home, make a creative station full of supplies only in your color (paper, glitter, glow paint, etc.), and have them redesign the item in a beautiful new way.

Hold a Color Snack Swap. Bring back your elementary/primary school days and ask each guest to bring a few packs of a rainbow snacks to swap with others. As you play this classic bartering game you will be surprised at which snacks are most popular!

Colorful Drinks & Recipes


The Dirty Shirley


Pink Champagne Margarita


Orange Thunder


Lemon Drop Shots

Light Green

Sparkling Lemon Lime Margarita

Dark Green

Midori Raspberry Bliss


Mermaid Margarita

Light blue

Beach Water

Dark Blue

Blue Lagoon Mocktail


Lavender Lime Cocktail


Coconut Basil Mojito


Full Moon Cocktail



Gold Champagne Spun Sugar Cocktail

Easy Costume Ideas

Ready to Plan the Costumes?

Finding the perfect costume can be difficult, expensive, and time consuming. The guide below will provide details on every part of your flashy, dashy, low cash-y ensemble ($$$). Remember: Fortune favors the BOLD.


Colorful hair is a primary component of a quality color costume. These are my recommendations for the easiest, cheapest colored hair options:

  • Amazon Wig Packet (9 wigs for $40 = $4 per wig) – Definitely the best deal to go in on with a group of friends. Plus free shipping for prime members.
  • Shein ($15-$20 per wig) – Tons of long beautiful wigs!
  • Walmart ($7 per extension)- Colored extensions give a sweet color splash.


Your outfit is your canvas. Embrace the color and fully commit!

  • Target ($15 – $30 per dress) – Huge selection of solid colored dresses.
  • Amazon Full Body Suit ($30 per suit) – Literally every color you could want.
  • Amazon – Search for “Monochromatic Outfit” ($20 or more per outfit)
  • Monochrome Shop ($50-$100 per outfit) – The nice thing about high quality party clothes is that you can totally use them after the party.


Use maximalism as your guide – more is better! Don’t be afraid to play around, get creative, and sport a look that is totally off-the-wall.

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