Uncommonly Funny Christmas Names for Food

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread some holiday cheer than by adding a dash of humor to your Christmas feast?

As the holiday season approaches, we find ourselves surrounded by delectable dishes and festive treats that bring friends and family together.

In the spirit of merriment, we’ve scoured the culinary world to compile a list of the best funny names for Christmas food. From punny pies to whimsical appetizers, these creative monikers not only tickle the taste buds but also provide a hearty helping of laughter at the holiday table.

Join us in discovering a delightful assortment of whimsical and witty names that will infuse your festive feast with a touch of mirth and merriment.

Key Highlights

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Funny Names by Traditional Dinner Items

Main Course

  1. Roast Turkey:
    • Gobble ’til you Wobble!
    • Clark Griswold’s Over-the-Top Turkey
    • Fowl play at the Dinner Table
    • Feathered Festive Feast
    • Grinch’s Grilled Turkey
    • Tom the Turkey Triumph
  2. Ham:
    • A Christmas Hangover Ham
    • Its a Pig Deal
    • Honeybaked Holiday Hog
    • The Holiday Whiskey-Glazed Ham
    • Hog Heaven Feast
  3. Ribs
    • Ralphie’s Risky Red Ryder Ribs
    • Rackin’ Around
    • Porky Pine’s Delight
    • Ribs the Season to be Jolly
    • Sleigh My Ribs


  1. Gravy:
    • Gravy Goodness Galore
    • National Lampoon’s Lumpy Gravy
    • Saucy Sleigh Ride
  2. Rolls
    • Rollin’ with Rudolph
    • Merry Dough-mas!
    • Ho-Ho-Whole Wheat
    • Bread-y for Joy
  3. Cranberry Sauce:
    • Jingle Berry Jubilee
    • Cranberry Carols
    • Scarlet Sauce Surprise
    • A Christmas Carol Cranberry Sauce
  4. Mashed Potatoes:
    • Home Alone and Hungry for Potatoes
    • Potato Snowdrift
    • Merry Mash Mix
    • Spud-tacular Joy
  5. Stuffing:
    • Stuffed with Joy
    • Dressin’ Up for Christmas
    • Joyful Bread Bed
    • Herb-infused Heaven
  6. Roasted Vegetables
    • Yuletide Veggie Variety
    • Crisp Christmas Crop
    • The Nightmare Before Carrot Casserole
    • Rudolph’s Red-Nosed Roasted Roots (Carrots)
    • Buddy’s Spiked Syrup Sprouts
    • Bad Santa’s Boozy Brussels Sprouts
    • Santa’s Garden Grub
    • A Charlie Brown Christmas Brussels Sprouts
    • The Grinch’s Garlic Roasted Asparagus
  7. Sweet Potato Casserole:
    • Mallow Magic Medley
    • Yam-bassador of Goodness
    • Mistletoe and Whiskey Whipped Yams
    • Yam-py Holidays
  8. Other Sides
    • National Lampoon’s Cheesy Mac
    • Die Hard Deviled Eggs
    • Cousin Eddie’s Jellied Salad Surprise
    • Santa’s Sauce (Secret Recipe)


  1. Eggnog:
    • Nog-tastic Delight
    • Eggcellent Yule Sip
    • Noggy Wonderland
    • Polar Express Peppermint Schnapps
    • Peppy Peppermint Pizzazz (Hot Chocolate)
  2. Alcohol
    • Frosty’s Frosty (Adult Beverage)
    • Sleigh Ride Sips (Mulled Wine)


  1. Classics:
    • Fruitcake Fantasy
    • Apple of My Pie
    • The Polar Express Plum Pudding
    • Cranberry Christmas Cake
    • Plumb Pudding Perfection
    • The Nutcracker’s Nut Roll
  2. Gingerbread Cookies:
    • Gingerbread Gang’s Gala
    • Santa’s Sweet Soldiers
    • Merry Munchable Mates

Novelty Treats

  1. Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire:
    • Toasty Tree Treasures
    • Chestnut Cheers
    • Fireside Flavor Frenzy

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