Romantic Ways to Decorate a Hotel Room for Her

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One Sentence Summary:

Follow the steps to decorate a hotel room for a romantic getaway, learn the best tips & tricks, and try some easy romantic decoration theme ideas. Your best-loved lady will absolutely love this surprise!

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Step 1: Choose a location (Motel, Bed & Breakfast or Hotel)

See our article that goes into depth about these options here.

Step 2: Prep the Room in Secret

How do you Set Up a Hotel Room in Secret?

If you’re trying to make your romantic decor a surprise, there are a few approaches you can take:

  • Have someone else decorate the room for you
  • Go early and decorate the room yourself
  • Ask the hotel staff to decorate the room for you
  • Pay a service to decorate the room for you (we recommend Uberoom)

Things to Consider

Make the hotel room look personalized, inviting and festive with a few easy steps:

  1. Before you Check-in. Study pictures of the hotel room from the website or a review site. If there are aspects of the room that you don’t like, then cover them with things that you do like.
  2. Think Outside the Box. Items such as common curtains, bedding, pillows, and lighting can easily be disguised with thoughtful embellishments such as comfortable pillows, a themed throw blanket, or a colorful backdrop.
  3. Appeal to all of the Senses. Play fun music, open a delicious smelling air freshener (we recommend against candles because they are usually not allowed and can set off the fire alarm), turn on a themed video or picture on the TV, and hang additional mood lighting.
  4. Use Amenities to Your Advantage. Most rented rooms come with a coffee pot, microwave, and/or refrigerator. These items can be used to creatively enhance your decor by allowing you to include small touches such as making small desserts, keeping flowers fresh, or mixing drinks.

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Step 3: Classic Romantic Decoration Ideas

  • Towel Origomi – Learn how to make a Snake, Swan, Seahorse, Baby Monkey, Elephant, Mouse or Crab at the website Goza Towels.
  • Rose Petals – Nothing says classic romance like a path of rose petals leading to a large inviting bed.
  • Wine or Champagne – Have a chilled bottle of champagne or wine ready with two elegant glasses, ready for a romantic toast.
  • Mood Lighting – Candles are classic symbols of romance. Place artificial candles of various sizes and styles around the room. You can use candleholders, lanterns, or even float them in bowls of water.
  • Love Quotes – Incorporate framed love quotes or poetry on the walls or as part of the decor.
  • Pictures of Your Relationship – Display sentimental artwork, photographs of special moments, or images that evoke emotions related to your relationship.

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Step 4: Choose a Theme

The most meaningful romantic decorations are based on the relationship you share with your significant other. When planning how to decorate your hotel room, we recommend basing your decorations on shared experiences or interests. For example, decorate the room like the year you met or got married.

Sometimes its difficult to find a shared experience or a theme that your significant other would appreciate.

If so, feel free to use one of our Romantic party themes below.

If you’re looking to set a more playful mood for a birthday, see our page on How to Decorate a Hotel Room for Her Birthday.

I Love You to Pizzas

Bring some steamy cheesy romance to your hotel room with these creative decoration ideas.

Start by converting your space into a quaint pizza parlor with striped awnings, patterned hanging garden fans, giant pizza balloons, and an inviting banner that says “I Love You to Pizzas”.

Add a few pizza plushy pillows to the bed and a large bouquet of two dozen red roses that practically scream “That’s Amore!”

Set the mood with this Romantic Italian Dinner Playlist on Spotify, a video of the Italian Flag from YouTube, or a 10 Hour Spiderman Italian Song that progressively speeds up. Make a tender gift of a pizza box full of topping themed socks.

Order pizza delivery or toss the pizza poppers into the microwave, open your gummy pizza candies, and let the night melt away as you watch Mystic Pizza or Pizza My Heart.

1. Red Striped Awning DécorView Product
2. Two Dozen Red RosesView Product
3. Giant Pizza BalloonView Product
4. Gummy Pizza CandyView Product
5. “I Love You to Pizzas” BannerView Product
6. Pizza Plush PillowView Product
7. Pizza Toppings Socks GiftView Product
8. Hanging Paper Fan DecorationView Product
9. Pizza Poppers SnackView Product

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Breakfast in Bed

If your idea of a romantic vacation includes a relaxing morning with all the cozy comforts, then Breakfast in Bed is the theme for you!

Transform your hotel space with a pastel burlap pennant banner, “Pancakes and Pajamas” shimmer banner, and sweet strawberry hanging lanterns. Liven the room with fresh cut flowers and a friendly fluffy jumbo teddy bear. Improve the ambiance even more by playing some music from this Spotify playlist and using this Youtube video on the TV.

Add a few snug & warm finishing touches by including some bamboo wood breakfast trays, cushy slippers, and a stimulating New York Times Breakfast in Bed Crossword puzzle. Don’t forget to brew a cup of organic Peruvian coffee to go with it!

1. Organic Peruvian CoffeeView Product
2. Strawberry Hanging LanternsView Product
3. Matching Breakfast TraysView Product
4. Colorful Burlap Pennant BannerView Product
5. Jumbo Teddy BearView Product
6. Fresh Floral Boquete ArrangementView Product
7. Pancakes & Pajamas Banner DecorationView Product
8. New York Times Breakfast in Bed Crossword BookView Product
9. Memory Foam SlippersView Product

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All You Need Is Love

Whether your relationship started in the 1970’s or has only existed for 70 minutes, for this romantic trip All You Need is Love and some groovy décor.

Hang the colorful flower power wall decals around the room, psychedelic Abbey Road Beatles poster above the bed, and shiny disco balls from the ceiling. Plug in your “All You Need is Love” neon light and mind-bending lava lamp.

Throw your plush pink fur rug on the floor and your record coasters on the table.

Improve the ambiance even more by playing some music from this Spotify playlist and using these funky 70’s video projections from YouTube on the TV.

Finally, put on your hippie circle glasses, snack on some M&Ms because this hotel room is cool beans.

1. Lime Green Classic M&MsView Product
2. Lava LampView Product
3. Hanging Disco BallsView Product
4. Flower Wall Decal StickersView Product
5. “All You Need Is Love” Glow SignView Product
6. Hippie Circle Sun GlassesView Product
7. Plush Pink Fur RugView Product
8. Beatles Abbey Road PosterView Product
9. Decorative Record CoastersView Product

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Step 5: Execute the Surprise

Once the room is fully decorated, it’s time to execute the big reveal!

Hopefully your partner doesn’t know about your decorations ahead of time. If they do know or suspect something, we recommend charging ahead anyway! A fun decorated room is a thoughtful gesture and will still make your partner feel appreciated.

If they don’t know about your decorations and you’re trying to maintain the secret, we recommend doing the following to avoid making any mistakes:

  • Make sure the front desk doesn’t give away the surprise! If you have checked in earlier and already have the key, either ask the front desk ahead of time to be discrete when you check in or pretend to check in while your romantic partner waits somewhere else.
  • Talk about things that make it seem like you haven’t been in this place before. Comment on fun or interesting features of the hotel.
  • Ask your partner to open the door to the room door. This is pretty easy to do if you offer to carry most of the bags/luggage.

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