19 Best Indoor Fall Activities for Adults

Greetings, autumn enthusiasts and cozy aficionados! As the leaves change color and the air turns crisper, it’s time to bid farewell to outdoor summer adventures and embrace the delightful world of indoor fall activities.

Get ready to snuggle up, sip on pumpkin-spiced concoctions, and embark on a journey of autumnal merriment without stepping a foot outside!

From pumpkin painting escapades and baking sessions that fill your home with mouthwatering aromas to halloween themed board game nights and haunted chemistry projects, we’ve got a lineup of indoor activities that will make you fall head over heels (or should we say, autumn leaves) in love with the season.

So, grab your coziest sweater, dust off your creative spirit, and let’s dive into a whimsical wonderland of indoor fall fun that will leave you feeling warm, inspired, and ready to embrace the magic of this enchanting season!

Key Highlights

  • When the weather starts to get cold, experience and explore your favorite fall activities from the comfort of your own home!
  • Indoor Fall Activities for Adults are broken down into three categories: experiences, self care, and creative.


1. Host a Fall Paint Night While Sipping Fall Flavored Beverages

This magical combination of autumn vibes and tasty concoctions will transport you to a world where laughter and creativity collide. Get cozy with your favorite people and let your creative spirits soar as you paint a picturesque fall scene with a qualified instructor.

As you sip on delicious fall beverages like the scrumptious maple cinnamon latte, the wickedly delightful poison apple martini, or the enchanting Hocus Pocus punch, your taste buds are in for a treat.

So, take an evening to embrace the playful spirit of the season, create your own masterpiece, and let the joyous autumn flavors dance on your palate. Swirl your paintbrush and take a sip!

2. Host a Murder Mystery Party: Wedding Rings and Deadly Things

Get ready to be part of the most glamorous celebrity wedding of the year, starring Jennifer Love and Stefan Blake. But hold on tight because this wedding is about to take an unexpected twist!

Amidst the clinking of champagne glasses and the picture-perfect poses for the photographers, something sinister lurks in the shadows. Just moments before the couple’s first dance, a shocking discovery is made—a lifeless body!

Could the culprit be someone among your fellow guests, disguised in their elegant attire? It’s time to trade in your high heels and morning suits for magnifying glasses. You’ll need all your problem-solving skills and wits about you to solve the puzzle before the killer strikes again.

3. Host a Wine and Cheese Tasting Night with Autumn-Inspired Flavors

Calling all wine connoisseurs and cheese enthusiasts, it’s time to raise your glasses and savor the flavors of fall in the most delicious way possible! Picture this: you and your friends gathered around a beautifully adorned table, the air filled with laughter and the irresistible aroma of artisanal cheeses.

Hosting a Wine and Cheese tasting night with Autumn-Inspired Flavors is a surefire way to elevate your taste buds to new heights of culinary delight. From rich, velvety red wines that dance harmoniously with the tanginess of aged cheddar to delicate, crisp whites that perfectly complement the creaminess of a pumpkin-infused brie, every sip and nibble is an adventure waiting to be savored.

So, grab your corkscrew and cheese knife, and embark on a gustatory journey that will leave you yearning for more of that autumn magic in every sip and bite. Cheers to a night of indulgence, laughter, and creating unforgettable memories that will have you saying, “Wine not? Let’s do it again!”

4. Virtual Challenge Parties

Gather you, your pals or family either in person or virtually, and get ready for a wild ride of games and challenges. Plus a super cool host will join you via video call to guide you through all the craziness!

Each challenge is a race against the clock, so you better bring your A-game. The goal? Rack up those team points and show everyone who’s boss! Whether you’re all in the same place or spread out across multiple households, the fun knows no boundaries.

These challenges are no snoozefest, my friend. They’re short, they’re snappy, and they’re guaranteed to have you in stitches. You’ll be rolling on the floor with laughter as you compete and cheer each other on. It’s like a whirlwind of adventure and excitement!

5. Organize a Halloween Themed Board Game Night – Complete with Seasonal Snacks

Get ready to roll the dice and summon some spooktacular fun, because it’s time to organize a Halloween-themed board game night with your pals! Set the stage by dimly lighting the rooms in your home and adorning them with creepy decorations such as a table covered in cobwebs and a cauldron with a mysterious potion brewing nearby.

Once your friends arrive, unleash your competitive spirits, and dive into thrilling games like One Night Werewolf, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Clue, or Disney The Haunted Mansion – Call of The Spirits. With every roll and card flip, you’ll find yourselves immersed in a world of mystery, strategy, and eerie laughter.

But wait, there’s more! To fuel your ghostly adventures, prepare a wicked spread of seasonal snacks. Sink your fangs into sweet & sour bat wings, munch on jalepeno popper mummies, and bite into toxic waste mac & cheese. With each bite, the haunting flavors will send shivers down your spine and keep your minds sharp for the games ahead.

So, gather your courage, don your favorite costume (optional but highly encouraged), and let the Halloween-themed board game night begin! May the dice be ever in your favor, and may the ghosts and goblins bring you laughter, scares, and a frightfully good time!

6. Arrange a Themed Trivia Night Centered Around Autumn Facts and Folklore

If you’re not only an autumn aficionado, but also a trivia enthusiast, it’s time to gather ’round for a trivia night that will leaf you spellbound and fall-ing off your seat with laughter.

So, grab your thinking caps, brush up on your leaf-changing knowledge, and get ready to compete with friends to see who’s the ultimate autumn expert. Whether you’re armed with tidbits about squirrels hoarding acorns or the mythical creatures said to roam the autumnal woods, this trivia night will leave you with a heart full of laughter, a head full of trivia, and a deeper appreciation for the magical season we call fall.

7. Plan a Movie Marathon Featuring your Favorite Fall Films and Cuddle Up Under a Cozy Blanket

Get ready to snuggle up with your coziest blanket, grab a bucket of popcorn, and embark on an epic movie marathon that will make your autumn-loving heart burst with joy! We’re talking about a movie extravaganza featuring all your favorite fall films.

From the witchy wonders of Hocus Pocus to the spine-tingling whodunit of Knives Out, and the mischievous adventures of Fantastic Mr. Fox, your lineup will be a cornucopia of autumnal goodness. Check out our list of suggestions:

  • Dracula
  • Remember the Titians
  • Knives Out
  • Harry Potter (all of them!)
  • Coco
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • Fantastic Mr. Fox

So, dim the lights, gather your fellow cinephiles, and let the movie marathon extravaganza begin! May your laughter be contagious, your popcorn never run out, and your autumn spirit soar as high as Harry’s broomstick. Lights, camera, autumn action!

8. Roast Chesnuts in Your Fireplace or an Outdoor Fire Pit While Telling Ghost Stories

Gather ’round, my fellow firebugs and brave storytellers! It’s time to embark on a ghostly adventure that will warm your heart and give you a case of the giggles. As you share tales of mischievous spirits, haunted houses, and things that go bump in the night, carefully turn each nut in the fire and wait for that delightful “pop”.

As the flames flicker and the stories unfold, you’ll find yourself alternating between gasping in fear and erupting with laughter. The combination of crackling nuts and spine-tingling tales will create an atmosphere of delicious suspense and mirthful camaraderie echoing long into the night!


10. Try Your Hand at Baking Artistically Crafted Pie Crusts and Delicious Fillings From Scratch

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and embark on a scrumptious baking adventure that will make your taste buds do a happy little jig! We’re talking about diving headfirst into the world of homemade pie baking, straight from scratch.

With flour flying like confetti, the sweet aroma of cinnamon filling the air, and you, armed with a rolling pin and an appetite for fall goodness – a fall baking session is all you need to taste the essence of the season.

If you’re a more experienced pie baker, consider attempting artisanal pie crust designs on top of your delicious fillings. This video from So Yummy! Called “Have Your Pies and Eat Them Too!” gives tons of easy, creative crust ideas.

So, tie on your apron, embrace your inner pastry chef, and let the flour-covered fun begin! Whether your pie comes out looking like a masterpiece or a quirky abstract art piece, remember that the real magic lies in the joy of the baking journey and the lip-smacking reward that awaits. Get ready to savor the taste of fall, one delightful slice at a time!

9. Have a Virtual Mini Pumpkin Painting Competition With Friends or Family

Are you ready to get your creative juices flowing and turn those little pumpkins into works of art? Gather your friends or family, fire up those webcams, and let the virtual pumpkin painting competition begin!

Although you may be miles apart, thanks to technology, you can share in the delight of pumpkin painting shenanigans. Give your group a set time limit, grab your brushes & acrylic paints, and prepare for a friendly battle of imagination and craftsmanship. From spooky faces to silly characters, the possibilities are endless!

As the timer starts ticking, you’ll unleash your inner artists and witness the spectacular transformation of plain pumpkins into masterpieces that will light up the night. Don’t forget to show off your creations with dramatic flair and hilarious commentary at the end!

11. Get Crafty with Fall DIY!

Grab your crafty hats on and unleash your inner DIY guru, because it’s time for a fall-themed craft night that will leave you feeling like the Picasso of pumpkins and the Rembrandt of Scarecrows! Grab your glitter, scissors, and an arsenal of colorful paper, because we’re about to get artsy-fartsy in the best possible way.

If a table adorned with autumnal treasures like pinecones, acorns, and vibrant leaves, just waiting to be transformed into masterpieces sounds like fun, then this list of +30 Adult Fall DIY projects is for you!

From crafting adorable leaf wreaths to crocheting colorful pumpkins, every project will be a burst of fall magic. As the glue and paint dry, you’ll be surrounded by a gallery of handmade wonders that scream, “I’m fall-tastic!”

So, gather your crafty comrades, channel your inner Martha Stewart (or Bob Ross), and let the fall-themed craft night begin!

12. Experiment at Home With Haunted Chemistry Projects

Get ready to mix potions and create eerie concoctions that will make even the spookiest ghosts go “Boo!” We’re diving headfirst into the world of haunted chemistry projects, where test tubes bubble with mystery and beakers of fake blood will give you goosebumps.

Start by connecting with your inner mad scientist as you don your lab coat and grab your goggles to begin your experiements! From turning water into blood so quickly it would make a witch jealous to making slimy, ectoplasm that would make Dracula himself squeal with delight, every experiment is a thrill-filled adventure.

So, gather your bubbling cauldrons and don’t forget to add a pinch of laughter and a dash of creepy cackles. Who knows what mysterious reactions and ghostly transformations await?

Self Care

13. Have a Cozy Reading Marathon With your Favorite Fall-Themed Books

Prepare to snuggle up in your comfiest blanket, with a mug of hot cocoa in one hand and a tower of fall-themed books in the other, because it’s time for a cozy reading marathon that will leave you feeling all warm and bookworm-y inside!

If you need a book recommendation, check out this list of the 49 Best Fall Books to Read for Autumn Vibes by Jules Buono and don’t forget to take breaks to nibble on apple slices dipped in caramel or treat yourself to a slice of pumpkin bread!

14. Set up a Mini Indoor Picnic with Fall-themed Treats and a Warm Blanket Fort

Spread out a checkered blanket on the floor and set up your blanket fort – its time for the fall feast to begin! From apple cider donuts that will make you swoon to pumpkin-spiced cookies that taste like pure autumnal bliss, make your picnic spread a harvest of deliciousness.

As you nibble and sip, laughter and stories will fill the air, creating memories that will warm your heart long after the leaves have fallen. So, gather your loved ones, don your coziest sweaters, and let the indoor picnic extravaganza commence!

15. Indulge in a Home Spa Day With a Rustic Pumpkin Spice Face Mask

Get ready to pamper yourself with a home spa day that will leave you feeling as radiant as a harvest moon and as cozy as a cashmere blanket! Light some candles, play soft music, and delight in the aroma of pumpkin spice wafting through the air.

Did you know that the humble pumpkin, can actually work wonders for your skin?

Packed with vitamins, minerals, and wrinkle-blasting antioxidants, pumpkin is at the top of the skincare game. With its high dose of vitamin E and fatty acids, pumpkin keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized, leaving you with a complexion as smooth as a pumpkin pie. Plus, its natural enzymes and exfoliating properties gently slough off dead skin cells, revealing a radiant, glowing complexion underneath.

If you’re planning an evening of luxury rejuvenation, I really like this Arista Pumpkin Exfoliating Face Mask from Amazon, but you can also make your own!

Remember that self-care is the ultimate treat, and you, my friend, are worth every glorious pumpkin-scented moment!

16. Guid Yourself Through a Meditation – “Gratitude & Joy in the Autumn Forest

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, my fellow autumn adventurer, as you embark on a peaceful journey through the magical autumn forest of gratitude and joy. Imagine yourself surrounded by a vibrant tapestry of fiery orange leaves and crisp golden sunlight, as you enjoy a cup of tea in the woods.

This meditation by Gabriella Green, a certified mindfulness practitioner, shares Gabriella’s love for tea, meditations, and tea meditations. Her meditations are designed to be short enough to complete in a few minutes and often involve tea as a way to ground listeners in the reality of the moment.

17. Take a Fall Scented Bubble Bath

As the weather gets cooler and drier, its important to find ways to regularly hydrate and exfoliate your skin. What better way to do that than by creating a steamy autumn-scented oasis?

Here are a few essentials I think every fall bubble bath arsenal should include:

So, grab your scented candles, put on your favorite cozy robe, and let the fall-scented bubble bath adventure begin! It’s time to soak, unwind, and emerge from the tub feeling as refreshed and invigorated as an apple pie ready for its grand autumn debut.

18. Do a Pumpkin Workout

Time to bring the pumpkin spice to your fitness routine and turn those workouts into a gourd-geous extravaganza! Get ready to squash your fitness goals and have a smashing good time by replacing your medicine ball with a fresh pumpkin.

Get your gourd ready to be lifted, balanced, and even hugged (we won’t judge)! From squat presses to bent rowers, every exercise will have you feeling like a pumpkin-powered superhero.

So, grab your pumpkin weight, put on your favorite spooky playlist, and let’s sweat, laugh, and feel the burn!

19. Go on a Virtual Black Friday Shopping Spree While Watching Football

Strap on your virtual shopping shoes and get ready for a wild ride through the digital wonderland of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals while watching your favorite team score a touchdown! It’s time to unleash your inner shopaholic and embark on a spree that will leave your cart overflowing with goodies and your heart filled with excitement.

So, buckle up, grab your credit card (and maybe a lucky charm or two), and let the virtual adventure begin! Happy shopping, my savvy savers, and may your virtual carts be filled with bargains that make you do a little happy dance of victory!


There you have it, a captivating list of indoor autumn adventures to keep your spirits high and your hearts warm throughout the season. So, embrace the magic of fall, and let the indoor autumn festivities begin!

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