22 Quality Harry Potter Travel Document Holders You’ll Want To Own

Haven’t passed the apparition test yet? Have no fear – muggle transportation can be very accommodating and comfortable. Plus, the chance of vomiting after your journey is extremely low in comparison to most magical forms of transportation.

On your journey, you will obviously need to bring many non-magical items to aid your travel.

However, you may want to subtly indicate your enchanting abilities to other “undercover” members of the magical community. Just in case they happen to hex your airplane or ward off a dementor from your train car.

For that reason, I recommend purchasing a few wizarding world themed items for your travels. If you’re specifically looking for a passport holder then you’re in the right spot!

If you’re looking for other magical items or a comprehensive magical travel items list, see my 25 recommendations here.

I’ve searched the both the wizarding and muggle worlds to find the 22 most interesting, sturdy, and creative passport covers out there. This list is a summary of my top recommendations – no trip to Diagon Alley needed!

How to Use Your Harry Potter Passport Cover

There are a few general ways to use a Harry Potter themed passport cover. You will either use if for standard travel between countries that require passport documentation, or as a transporter & protector of your items at Universal Studios Harry Potter themed attractions.

Harry Potter Attractions at Universal Studios

Universal Orlando – The Hogwarts Express travels between Universal Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios Florida. In order to ride it, you have to purchase a 2-park ticket and carry it with you throughout the day. Putting your ticket in a snazzy passport cover is a fantastic way to keep track of your ticket in magical style.

Universal Hollywood – The Hogwarts Express attraction is a photo opportunity, not a ride. No ticket is needed, however you can still keep your park ticket in a passport holder.

Standard Use (International Travel)

All of the passport covers included in this review, are designed for standard sized passports. You should be able to insert your passport into the cover and use it for domestic and international travel.

“Best Of” Passport Holders List

This “Best Of” list is based on my personal experimentation with Harry Potter themed passport covers. Subsequent sections of this post include designs and styles that I haven’t personally tried. They are included in this post because they contain interesting design and aesthetic elements that are worth checking out.

Best Customizable Passport Cover: Hogwarts Student (Customize name, hair and house)

Product Performance: I love all of the customizations on this product – there are tons of hair designs & colors, font styles, and skin types. Plus you can select robe colors that best reflect your house! The quality was much higher than I expected and the seller responds quickly to requests for alterations.

Best Platform 9 3/4 Passport Cover: Red Embossed Leather

Product Performance: Great quality passport holder with a handy credit card compartment on the interior.

The company is based in the UK so shipping can take longer for US domestic customers.

Best Quidditch Passport Cover: Quidditch Team Captain

Product Performance: The detail on this passport cover is amazing. It looks professional and polished while embracing the magic of the Wizarding World.

Since each cover is made to order, processing and shipping are a bit longer than standard online stores. It took a little over 3 weeks to get my order.

Best Deathly Hallows Passport Cover: Artistic Deathly Hollows Icon

Product Performance: This passport cover just feels quality. I love the half stitching on the outside edge and the option to customize the interior (there are seven interior options!).

The creator is fantastic to communicate with and willing to make small adjustments to the design.

Best Vaccination Protector Case: I Solemnly Swear That I Have Been Vaccinated

Product Performance: Although this isn’t a passport holder, I’ve included it on this list because it is the cutest vaccination card holder I’ve ever seen! I just had to get it and I’m so glad I did because I love it.

Ask me if I’m vaccinated… just ask me!

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Hogwarts School

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is a magical place that has captured the hearts of millions of Harry Potter fans around the world.

Nestled in the Scottish Highlands, the castle is a sprawling and impressive structure, with tall towers and winding staircases that seem to go on forever. At its heart, it’s a place where students learn to cast spells, brew potions, and fly on broomsticks, all while making life-long friendships and experiencing unforgettable adventures.

Whether you’re a Muggle or a wizard, there is something about Hogwarts that inspires wonder and awe in everyone who sets foot within its walls. So let’s raise a goblet of pumpkin juice to the castle that has given us so much joy and magic over the years!

Gray School Leather Passport Cover

Custom Tan Leather Hogwarts Emblem (with 9 image options)

Hogwarts Castle Illustration

Hogwarts Castle Map

Shiny Hogwarts Crest Pasport Cover

House Colors School Emblem

“Let us Step into the Night…” Albus Dumbledore Quote

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Rep Your House

The Hogwarts houses are a big part of the Harry Potter series and are a fun way for fans to identify with a particular group of wizards.

The four houses are Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. Gryffindors are known for their bravery and loyalty, Slytherins are cunning and resourceful, Ravenclaws are intelligent and curious, and Hufflepuffs are kind and hardworking. Each house has its own unique qualities and strengths, and it’s always fun to see which one you are sorted into when you visit the Wizarding World website.

Even if you don’t fit perfectly into one house, it’s okay to embrace your own unique traits and be proud of who you are. At the end of the day, we are all just a bunch of magic-loving, wizarding enthusiasts!

Individual Houses with Gold Embossing

Individual Houses made of Simple Leather

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Individual Characters

Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Dobby are some of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter series.

Harry is a brave and determined young wizard who is on a mission to defeat the dark lord, Voldemort. Hermione is a brilliant and resourceful witch who is always there to help Harry and Ron out of a jam. Ron is a loyal and supportive friend who often serves as the voice of reason among the trio. Dobby, a house-elf, may be small, but he is fiercely loyal to Harry and his friends, and always ready to lend a helping hand.

These four characters, along with their friends and allies, embark on exciting and dangerous adventures together, and their bond is unbreakable. They may have their differences, but they always come together in the end to fight for what is right and to protect those they love.

Harry Potter

Hermione Granger

Dobby Loves Socks Leather Cover

Ron Weasley

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Magical World

The greater wizarding world in Harry Potter is a vast and magical place, full of incredible creatures, fascinating cultures, and hidden wonders.

From the bustling streets of Diagon Alley to the mysterious forests of the Forbidden Forest, there is always something new and exciting to discover.

Whether you’re exploring the ancient ruins of ancient civilizations, learning new spells and potions, or simply enjoying the company of your fellow wizards and witches, there is always something to love and appreciate about the greater wizarding world. So why not take a journey with your new passport cover and see what magical adventures await you?

“I Solemnly Swear That I am up to no Good” Quote Cover

Felix Felicis Potion Passport Cover

Ministry of Magic: Auror Division

Marauders Map Leather

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