51 Surprisingly Nerdy Things to do Now in Boston

Are you looking for something entertaining, fun, and just a tad bit nerdy to do in Boston?

This guide will show you exactly how to make your next trip to “The Athens of America” a truly memorable travel experience. All activities are within two and a half hours from the city proper. You don’t have to be a nerd to enjoy this list but if you are a nerd, then these activities are definitely for you:

Interest-Based Nerdy Travel Experiences

Standard Travel Needs – Nerdy Style

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Due to the strong academic student population and large municipality cultural investments, Boston has a few nerdy focus areas that surpass other major cities in the US. We recommend spending some extra time enjoying the incredible board game community, artisanal cocktail bars, and indie film experiences. On top of that the city is home to some pretty out-of-the-box museums and attractions.

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Check out these ideas in Boston and you could have an awesome trip planned within the next 20 minutes.

What are the Top Nerdy Experiences Unique to Boston?

1. Best Nerdy Arcade Bar: A4cade Bar

Come see what’s behind the freezer door! A4cade, a collaboration from Area Four and Roxy’s Grilled cheese, is a 21+ speakeasy-style arcade bar located in Central Square.  They specialize in all things fun, nerdy, and nostalgic.

Sip your drink from R2D2 toys, vintage 80s lunchboxes, shark heads and a Dr. Who. With drinks made for one or two “players”, guests in-the-know can head through the double doors of the Roxy’s Grilled Cheese space to find a fully loaded arcade hidden behind what looks like a walk-in fridge.

2. Best Board Game Bar & Cafe: Tavern of Tales

Located in the Mission Hills neighborhood, this café boasts a massive collection of board games that you can play while enjoying tasty snacks & drinks. If you want to stay away from your phone and just relax with some good old-fashioned fun, this is the place for you!

The bar holds regular trivia, board game, D&D, and Magic the Gathering events, found here.

3. Best Retro Nerdy Experience: Funspot’s Classic Arcade Museum

As retro gaming has had a resurgence over the past few years, the Classic Arcade Museum as become a hotspot for those looking to improve their skill and excite their inner child.

Named the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the largest arcade in the world, this sprawling, three story collection is crammed with over 250 games & entertainment devices of every color, shape, and size. It is also the home of various gaming tournaments including the Pac-Man world championships.

4. Best Nerdy Interactive Museum: Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Voted the #1 Best Patriotic Attraction in America, the Boston Tea Party Ships and floating history museum is full of experiences that will immerse you in the famous event that forever changed the course of American history. Explore the multi-sensory experience that includes live actors, interactive exhibits, and full-scale replica 18th-century sailing vessels!

Immerse yourself in the Award Winning Documentary “Let It Begin Here”, depicting Paul Revere’s famous “Midnight Ride” and the beginning of the American Revolution. Taste history by sampling some of the 5 teas thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party.

You can also enjoy a glass of refreshing lemonade, cool iced tea, or a mug of hot or cold apple cider and try tasty treats such as assorted scones, cookies, muffins, and pies. 

5. Best Indie & Classic Film House: The Brattle Film Theatre

The Brattle has been showing the best in classic, cutting-edge, foreign, and art-house films since 1953. It is known in the community as a “true cultural staple.”

The theatre specializes in a repertory programming format consisting of films from a particular director, genre, or subject shown over the course of a week, or on the same weekday throughout the month. However most patrons agree that you can find something quality to watch here almost any night of the week!

6. Best Interactive Nerdy Quest Experience: Boda Borg

What is Questing? It’s the DIY version of living some of the incredible experiences seen in movies, books, and video games! Gather your team of 3-5 people to face a variety of mental and physical challenges, at the only questing location in the United States. Based on a “leveling up” process, success in the first challenge means entry into the next. If you fail you have to start all over again or choose another Quest.

When you enter a Quest, you don’t know what to do, how much time you have, or how many challenges that Quest may have before you can conquer it. What you do know is that you must figure it out as a team, and that the odds are that you will fail, and fail often, before succeeding (if you are persistent enough).

Boda Borg offers an opportunity to stop living vicariously through movies, TV, books, and social media. Go out in real life, do it yourself instead – conquer a Quest!

What are the Best Nerdy Local Cultural Experiences?

7. Superior Cultural Museums

Boston has an large, eclectic variety of museums for travelers to choose from, these are our favorites:

  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston – One of the most comprehensive art museums in the world; the collection encompasses nearly 500,000 works of art.
  • Museum of Science – Over 700 interactive exhibits, live presentations, planetarium shows and the only domed IMAX screen in New England.
  • MassArt Art Museum – Boston’s newest—and free—contemporary art museum, featuring groundbreaking works by visionary artists.
  • MIT List Visual Arts Center – Established in 1950, the List Visual Arts Center is the contemporary art museum of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
  • Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum – Wealthy American art collector Isabella Stewart Gardner constructed her namesake museum out of her private, Venetian palazzo–inspired home in the hope that it would provide “for the education and enjoyment of the public forever.”

8. The Paul Revere House

On the night of April 18, 1775, silversmith Paul Revere left his small wooden home in Boston’s North End and set out on a journey that would ultimately make him a legend. Today that home is still standing at 19 North Square and has become a national historic landmark. It is downtown Boston’s oldest building and one of the few remaining 17th-century dwellings in a large urban area in the United States.

Visitors can tour his home, hear about 18th-century family life, and learn the real story of his midnight ride (presented in his own words). The visitor center contains displays of silver and evocative artifacts related to Revere’s many business ventures.

9. Witch Dungeon Museum

Have an immersive Salem Witch trial experience at this live re-enactment of a historic trial. The mood is set from the moment you enter the Witch Dungeon Museum set in 1692, Salem Village.

Professional actors reenact the electrifying trial where 150 Salem community members were accused of bewitching children, 20 were found guilty, and all guilty were executed.

Known as “the most exciting experience in Salem”, the Witch Dungeon Museum is an insightful view into a mysterious and tragic segment of early American history.

Tours of the dungeon museum are also included in the ticket price.

10. Mapparium

The Mapparium is a world-famous, three-story, stained-glass globe that you can walk through. It is one of the key attractions at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. The Mapparium gives visitors a snapshot view of the perspective of the world of 1935.

This unique experience is available for view on a tour only, but it’s totally worth it!

11. Old North Church

“One, if by land, and two, if by sea” was a phrase coined by American poet, Henry W. Longfellow in his poem, Paul Revere’s Ride and refers to sharing the British attack plan with American Revolutionaries by hanging a certain number of lanterns in the Old North Church as a sign. The action is generally agreed upon to be the official commencement of the Revolutionary War.

Old North Church is one of Boston’s most iconic historical sites. You can still see these lanterns today—they’re on display inside the church and are said to be some of the oldest surviving objects related to American independence.

What are the Best Nerdy Theater, Film & Shows?

12. Coolidge Corner Theatre

The Coolidge Corner Theatre is New England’s most successful independent, nonprofit cinema. Built as a church in 1906, it was redesigned as an Art Deco movie palace in 1933 and has never closed its doors to the public since then. The theater celebrates the experience of cinema by presenting the finest international, documentary, animated, and independent film selections and series.

From the sponsoring of china giveaways during the Depression to the prestigious Coolidge Award events inaugurated in 2004 honoring groundbreaking international artists from the world of film, the Coolidge Corner Theatre has played a unique and indelible role in the development and social history of the town of Brookline.

13. MIT Lecture Series Committee

The MIT Lecture Series Committee has been bringing quality entertainment to the MIT campus since 1944. Over the years, LSC has kept at the forefront of cinema technology, and continues today by featuring state-of-the-art digital motion picture projection on a 26’x13′ screen and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, with over 9000 watts of amplification in addition to a newly revived 35 mm projection series with a two-projector changeover system.

Weekly films showcase a diverse selection of Hollywood blockbusters, foreign and independent film, and the best of classic cinema. Occasionally, LSC also features special events such as the Science Fiction Marathon, advance screenings of films not yet released to theaters, lectures by famous personalities, concerts, and more.

14. Harvard Film Archive

A division of Harvard Library, the Harvard Film Archive is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of film. It maintains an extensive archive of over 40,000 motion picture prints, audiovisual elements and ephemera from around the world and from almost every period in film history. Located in the historic Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts on the Harvard University campus, the HFA cinematheque is renowned for its diverse programming of films which—due to age, rarity, challenging content or format—are not screened regularly or often even available for viewing at all.

Further enhancing the cinematic experience, the HFA frequently invites film directors and artists to discuss their work with the vibrant community of students, professors, artists and cinephiles.

What are the Best Nerdy Nature Experiences?

15. Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

The 281-acre preserve in the heart of Boston, stewards one of the world’s most comprehensive and best documented collections of temperate woody plants, with particular focus on the floras of eastern North America and eastern Asia.

The living collections, herbarium, library, and archives support research both in Harvard laboratories at Weld Hill and by scholars around the world. Free and open every day, this jewel in the Emerald Necklace park system was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and engages the public through educational opportunities and programs for all ages.

16. The Lawn On D

Boston’s most innovative and dynamic outdoor event space and playground oasis for adults and children alike. The Lawn is truly a bustling space in the warmer months with tons of unique interactive art installations, live music, rentable lawn games, and LED illuminated circular swings.

The Lawn is open to the community unless it is being rented for a private event. Check their event schedule for special public events like Pumpkin Palooza, and Red Sox Game Watches!

What are the Best Nerdy Rides & Virtual Experiences?

17. Swan Boats

The Swan Boats are a beloved Boston fixture with a rich history dating back to the 1870’s when inventor Robert Paget was looking for a more efficient propulsion system than the standard row boats typically found on lakes. Inspired by the mechanics of bicycles, he developed a foot propelled paddle system to attach to a catamaran.

He covered the system with a giant swan figure based on a medieval German story in which, a knight of the Grail crosses a river in a boat drawn by a swan to defend the innocence of his heroine.

Today the boats use this same technology, and are powered solely by the diver. The ticket cost is inexpensive and wait to ride is usually very short. Named a Boston Landmark in 2011, the boats offer a simple way to relax, experience a historic local innovation, and enjoy nature in the heart of the city.

18. Legoland Discovery Center and Adult Night Events

Surround yourself with millions of LEGO bricks and impressive finished designs at Boston’s most creative indoor entertainment center.

The center offers many unique ways to enjoy the “toy that is new everyday”:

  • Enjoy the Ultimate LEGO playground
  • Take the LEGO factory tour
  • Build epic LEGO creations alongside master builders
  • Enjoy multiple interactive rides & experiences (take flight on Merlin’s Apprentice, blast skeletons on Kingdom Quest ride adventure, adventure in the Great LEGO race, and see your favorite characters on LEGO 4D Theater)
  • Eat lunch in an oversized brick at the LEGO cafe

“Adult Night” is a regular after hours event designed for adults to enjoy standard Legoland Discovery Center activities, participate in build challenges & competitions, have more freedom to explore new designs, and sample from a specialty beer selection.

19. Codzilla

If you need to get around Boston Harbor and the ferries are just too slow, you may be interested in taking a ride on Codzilla! This high-speed thrill boat ride featuring two turbo-charged diesel engines generating 2,800 horsepower and speeds of approximately 40 miles an hour, can only be found in Boston Harbor.

It’s fun, loud, and you will go very fast. Also, depending on where you sit, there’s a good chance that you’ll get wet!

20. Six Flags New England

As with many buildings & establishments in the Boston area, Six Flags New England is historic (the oldest amusement park in the Six Flags chain). Originally opened in the late 19th century as “Gallup’s Grove”, a cute country picnic park with a carousel, mechanical rides, and a roller coaster, the park evolved through many phases of American amusement and was converted to a Six Flags in 2000.

Today the park has a broad mix of classic thrill rides, kids rides, modern rides, and water slides (part of the region’s largest water park). Six are rated “aggressive” rides including The Riddler Revenge, Superman The Ride, Flashback, Batman: The Dark Knight, and etc.

Special activities and shows are scheduled during seasonal transitions and holidays.

What are the Best Festivals, Conventions, and Live Events in Boston?

21. Anime Boston

Anime Boston is a three-day convention held annually under the supervision of the New England Anime Society. The main focus is to celebrate and promote Japanese animation, and comics, however in recent years they have expanded to include other aspects of Japanese traditional & pop-culture (such as J-Pop, J-Rock, and live-action Japanese media).

22. Fan Expo Boston

Everyone is a fan of something, and FAN EXPO Boston is a place to celebrate your fav fandoms!

Whether it’s comics, sci-fi, horror, anime, or gaming, Boston’s large fan playground attracts hundreds of thousands of people to the city each year.

Fans will enjoy tons of immersive activities such as listening to the inside scoop at celebrity panels, getting an autograph or a photo with your favorite guest, watching professional comic artists battle it out in popular Sketch Duels, learning from “How To” workshops, or taking photos with your favorite costumed characters!

It’s also a great place to buy a unique gift (or treat yourself!) with a huge show floor for shopping madness.

23. Boston Design Week

Boston Design Week is a 10-day festival of architecture, design and art with self guided design tours, museum exhibitions and an award event. The primary focus of the event is to increase public awareness and appreciation of all aspects of design.

As you might expect from such an event, there are many museums and art exhibits on the agenda. The events range from contests to workshops, and they’re all free!

24. MIT Dance Club Parties

The MIT Ballroom Dance Club hosts a number open to the public dance parties & classes throughout the year. These activities are designed to create a fun, safe environment that encourages dance participation regardless of skill level or experience.

What are the Best Nerdy Tours & Classes?

25. Tour Boston’s Rock & Roll Past and Present

Explore Boston’s rock and roll past and present on a walking tour through the Fenway and Back Bay neighborhoods. Visit the sites of legendary venues like the Rat, Storyville, and the Boston Tea Party; Berklee College of Music & Music Conservatory; and the David Bieber Archives which contain tons of Boston rock memorabilia.

Learn how pioneering DJs, producers, and educators sparked a revolution in how music was transmitted, recorded and taught. Trace Boston’s impact on the careers of iconic artists like B.B. King, Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt, New Edition, The Cars, Nirvana, Pixies, Aimee Mann, Radiohead, Tracy Chapman, Peter Wolf, Van Morrison, Jonathan Richman and more.

The tour is approximately 2 miles in length and is predominantly outside – so dress accordingly!

26. The Revolutionary Story Walking Tour

Learn about Boston’s revolutionary history on a walking tour of The Freedom Trail that emphasizes good storytelling.

You will visit well-known sites as well as local hotspots and develop an understanding of modern & historical Boston.

27. Hocus Pocus Movie Film Location Walking Tour

Get bewitched in Salem on a walking tour of the real-life filming locations featured in the hit 1993 Disney film “Hocus Pocus”!

You will visit five of the Salem filming locations including Pioneer Village and the Dennison House. Additionally, you will learn more about Salem’s dark history, how it became known as “Witch City”, important historical maritime facts, and other interesting trivia.

28. Food Tours! Off The Eaten Path or The Politically Incorrect Food Tour

Boston has tons of delicious, vibrant, and innovative culinary experiences. We recommend discovering and enjoying the gastro-culture on one (or both!) of two highly popular food tours:

Off The Eaten Path

On this three-hour food tour of the North End – Boston’s famous Italian neighborhood – guests are offered more than just samples of tasty food. You will stop at popular spots, such as Bricco Panetteria and Galleria Umberto; learn tips on how to shop for the best extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars; and understand the history & architecture of this unique neighborhood.

The Politically Incorrect Food Tour

Tour Boston’s “Little Italy” with a lifelong resident of the area and a lot of politically incorrect content. You will discover the best Pasticcerias, visit an authentic Italian deli, sample baked goods in the basement of a 100 year old structure, and explore a unique 80 coffee & spice shop.

29. Bloodlust: Mysteries of Victorian Boston

In the late 1800s, Boston experienced a rash of gruesome murders and unexplained phenomena. The “Boston Medical and Surgical Journal” observed, “The increase in the number of the criminally insane has been exceptionally rapid…” Most interesting was the way one community reacted to this – The South End, the country’s oldest and largest Victorian neighborhood.

Not only was there a reawakening of the notorious Witchcraft Trials that happened 200 years earlier, but people were also accused of being vampires and conversing with the dead – all while serial murders and molesters lurked just out of sight. 

Explore this quaint post-Civil War suburb, its architectural gems and strange statuary that tourists rarely get to see. Then delve into the concerns of the people who lived here, their art, science, politics and stories of true crime, with demonstrations on Victorian phantasmagoria and the new fields of forensics and toxicology.

Buried the beneath this neighborhood’s eye-catching English gardens and breathtaking brick rowhouses is a unique experience you won’t want to miss, and all within a few blocks of Copley Square and Back Bay.

30. Intro Letterpress Printing Workshop

Print your family motto, short quote, pithy joke or your company vision statement at the Quick Letterpress Printing Workshop! You will Examine the history and technology that made letterpress printing possible, typeset lead type into monogrammed notecards, and use an antique Vendercook proofing press to print these notecards onto a range of carstock and fine art papers.

Attendees will take home a personalized A2 notecard that they typeset and printed themselves.

What are the Best Nerdy Places to Stay?

31. The Wings Neck Lighthouse

The Wings Neck Lighthouse is an incredibly unique and historic property – completely renovated and now available for an unforgettable vacation. Formerly a US Coast Guard Lighthouse, the light tower is beautiful and memorable with a 360 degree ocean view!

Climb the mahogany spiral staircase to view the Atlantic from the lantern room, read about the history of the lighthouse, and explore the rocky slopes around the property. This stay offers a once in a lifetime nautical experience!

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32. Floating House Boat Bed and Breakfast

At Constitution Marina’s Bed & Breakfast Afloat you can enjoy the ambiance, comfort, and romance of staying on the water with all the amenities of a modern hotel. The marina is just a short walk from dozens of Boston’s best restaurants, shops, museums and destination attractions. Plus the rates are as low as you’ll find anywhere in Boston!

33. Harry Potter Themed Dorm Room

From the small historic witchcraft town of Salem, step into J.K. Rowling’s world of magic at the Harry Potter Dorm Room! Enter the enchanted dorm by telling the Pink Lady the password and live your best dorm life by choosing your bed (belonging to either Harry or Ron), enjoying tons of creative Harry Potter memorabilia, using the ‘loo’ in the communal bathroom, and making friends in the charming great hall themed breakfast parlor.

This magical experience was created by an Artisan hostess who worked for years in the toy and game industry. She is an Airbnb superhost and a lovely person.

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34. Liberty Hotel

Set in the former Charles Street Jail in the vibrant Beacon Hill neighborhood, this chic upscale hotel in Boston will give you the chance to, quite literally, spend the night in the slammer!

The jail housed notorious criminals & prisoners for 120 years and was eventually closed due to poor living conditions. It was approved for renovation and refurbishment by the Massachusetts Historical Commission, the Boston Landmarks Commission, the National Park Service and the Boston Redevelopment Authority to ensure that the end result is a careful balance between preservation and dynamic new use.

The hotel offers a 30 minute tour of the space with a complementary glass of champagne at the end. It is located in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Charles Street’s boutique shops and restaurants.

35. Treehouse Sanctuary

Get away from life at the treetop sanctuary! This luxury camping experience perfect for reconnecting with nature. Follow the suspended path through the trees to your own little treetop oasis 30 feet above the forest floor.

This treehouse experience is a little more rugged so guests need to pack their own water and bring portable electronic devices.

What are the Best Nerdy Places to Eat in Boston?

36. Miracle of Science Restaurant & Bar

Miracle revolutionized the “neighborhood joint” by combining equal parts bar, restaurant, and experimental laboratory into one creative restaurant experience. This is a must-visit spot for the science lovers in your life!

Enjoy the smaller stylistic decisions such as miscellaneous experimental machinery scattered throughout the space, and don’t be surprised if there’s a random trivia game going. And no that’s not an actual periodic chart of the elements – it’s the menu…

37. Knight Moves Café

Noteworthy for being the first board game café in in New England, Knight Moves focuses on using board games as a catalyst to get people to connect with each other. With an ever growing collection of games, delicious food and drinks, and an atmosphere that makes you feel at home, the café is a place for friends, families, and loved ones to gather, slow life down, and come together face to face.

38. The Breakfast Club (80’s Restaurant)

Even if you’ve never seen the movie for which this 80’s themed restaurant is named, you’ll appreciate the kitschy, authentic feel of The Breakfast Club Diner. It’s everything you love about ‘80s ambiance plus a hearty menu with options for every pallet and flavor preference.

39. Flying Saucer Pizza

With a motto of “Live long & pizza” Flying Saucer is sure to bring out your inner Sci-fi lover.

Order themed food items such as a Majora’s Mask flatbread or Stormtrooper pizza, or a cocktail such as the Sailor Moon Shot Fight or She Hulk Smash. Then bask in the nostalgia of a statue of Captain Picard as the Borg and adventure of a Star Wars fight scene on the ceiling above your head.

40. Clover Food Lab

Clover Food Lab was founded on principles of culinary research and development. The founder of this local vegetarian restaurant group came from a family of scientists and although he wasn’t as academically inclined, he loved applying the scientific method to cooking. Specifically, he focused on finding new and delicious ways to prepare local veggies in edible & drinkable forms.

Once he perfected his recipes, he wanted to “get those veggies to as many people as possible” and created The Clover Food Lab. Today, guests can sample with gusto the Chickpea Fritter Sandwich, Soy BLT , Forbidden Forest Green Tea, and House Made Vanilla Soda – all of which are recommended by vegetarians and meat eaters alike!

41. The Druid

Housed in the oldest wooden mercantile building in the city of Cambridge, The Druid is a wood-paneled Irish pub that serves homemade Irish fare, American pub classics and perfectly poured Guinness.

Boasting the best Irish music and Irish breakfast in Boston, The Druid’s atmosphere is timeless and a fun visit when in the Cambridge area.

What are the Best Nerdy Places to Drink in Boston?

42. Hecate Speakeasy Bar

This Back Bay Speakeasy was named after Hecate, the goddess gatekeeper, protecting those who need safe passage from the dark to the light. Of all her abilities, it was her potion making skill that has traveled down the ages as legend.

Today, Hecate’s intellect and power within this space is honored by the Speakeasy bar’s artisanal selection of mixed drinks. The bar’s staff is dedicated to being your spirit guides, gatekeepers between realms and passage to a modern world of elixirs.

Unique private cocktail making classes for +8 people can be booked through the bar.

43. Parla

Parla is a steam punk themed Italian cocktail bar with a few fun tricks up its sleeve. The revolving seasonal cocktail list is designed by the staff and has multiple cocktails dedicated to a fun theme, such as “The Nightmere Edition”, “The Contemporary Calamities Edition”, and “The Wee Folk Edition”. Old seasonal menus are kept in a notebook on each table with extra pages for guests to add notes, pictures, thoughts, and observations. Its basically a cocktail menu version of PostSecret.

If you’re feeling like letting your adventurous inner nerd take the lead try the Dungeon Master Drink Quest! Start the quest by getting a Dungeon Master card and a D20 dice (game piece popularized by many live action games including Dungeons and Dragons) from the bartender. Fill out basic information on the card and roll the dice to determine your drinking fate.

This quirky bar fills up fast, so be sure to make a reservation before you go.

44. Backbar

Named one of Time Magazine’s 28 Coolest Bars in the World, Backbar has an ever-changing menu of delicious drinks with sentimental references to nerdy favorites like Star Wars, Sesame Street, and Harry Potter.

You can also book cocktail classes & spirit tastings in the Closet bar. 

What are the Best Nerdy Places to Shop?

45. Newbury Comics

Newbury Comics is a two-story geek paradise, carrying everything from Funko POPs and the latest manga to an extensive vinyl section. The shop caters to just about every fandom from Pokémon and Rick and Morty to classics like Star Wars and Doctor Who. Catchy T-shirts, fun stickers, graphic novels and of course, tons of comics!

46. Wynott’s Wands

Step into another dimension in Salem’s most magical little wand shop! Located in the oldest part of “The Witch City” this shop’s magically whimsical interior is straight from Olivander’s in Diagon Alley.

Most wands are handmade by the owner from the finest ‘magical’ woods. You can select your wand based on personal aesthetic preference or by using the mystery wand tool. Official Harry Potter memorabilia can also be purchased on site.

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47. Anime Zakka

This cute Japanese boutique should be a priority destination for anime enthusiasts. Find figurines, plushies, pins, apparel, bags, bento boxes, and snacks from your favorite classic anime like Voltron, Megaman, Gundam, and Dragon Ball Z to new series like Aggretsuko. Plus a giant Totoro!

Additionally, there’s an assortment of Japanese drinks including aloe juices, non-alcoholic ciders and fruit sodas.

If you’re looking for community, the shop offers events to build models, casually play Pokémon & Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and screen anime classics at the nearby Brattle Theater.

48. Trident Booksellers & Café

This Indie book store and café is the perfect spot for a read & eat. Not only is Trident Booksellers the last general independent bookstore in Boston proper, but also a full service restaurant with a delicious all-day breakfast menu (favorites include the Lemon Ricotta Stuffed French Toast, Vegan Cashew Chili, and Deluxe Grilled Cheese).

Trident Booksellers not only has an extensive selection of gifts, but also has a great souvenir section! Trivia, book discussions and Local independent author events are held on a regular basis.

49. Comicazi Comic Book Store

If you love comics, and want to experience a enthusiastic community of like-minded people, Comicazi is the shop for you!

Not only do they have a massive selection of graphic novels, new comics, back issues, games & toys, but also an incredible calendar of events to enjoy:

50. Pandemonium Bookstore & Games (Extensive D&D, MTG, and Board Game Selection)

Pandemonium Bookstore & Games is a great place to find books, movies, games, and action figures. With a large selection of comics, models, board games and action figures—and with special events like Dungeons & Dragons nights—this shop caters to any geek’s needs.

51. Swapfest: The Flea at MIT (Flea Market)

This is the place to buy, sell, and swap amateur radio, electronic, and computer equipment. Hams and non-hams alike are welcome.

Sponsored by The MIT Radio Society, in conjunction with the MIT UHF Repeater Association, the MIT Electronics Research Society, and the Harvard Wireless Club, Swapfest occurs on the third Sunday of each month, April through October.


Ok townies! We hope you’re ready to get out and try some of these nerdy things in Boston. Whether you’re a fan of games, film, magical witchcraft, or all of the above, there’s something for everyone in “The Athens of America”.

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