Quality Lunch Invitation Message For Friends

Friends are the family members you get to choose. And choosing to spend time with them—no matter how brief—is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So, when your workday is dragging on and you want to share a quick lunch with a buddy, don’t let the fact that it’s short notice stop you from reaching out to someone!

There are 5 types of Lunch Invitation Messages for friends:

  • Casual Invite
  • Point of Interest Invite
  • Spontaneous Invite
  • Specific Request Invite
  • Flirty Invite

What are some examples of each type of invite?

1. Casual Invite

This invitation is perfect for a standard friend lunch. You can send it to them a few days in advance, make a solid plan, and have a great time!

“How about we do lunch at my favorite deli?”

“Do you like sushi? Let’s go together.”

2. Spontaneous Invite

Want some lunch company but you didn’t plan ahead? Send a spontaneous invite and see what happens.

“I am going to Chipotle. Want to come?”

“I know its last minute, but wanna grab a bite of lunch at my fave burger joint?”

3. Point of Interest Invite

Choose a place that you or your friend would like to try (New places in your city/town are typically the best).

“There is a new Italian place. Want to meet me there?”

“There’s a new salad place. Want to share one with me and grab an ice cream after?”

4. Request Invite

The reason this style of invitation works is that it shows your friend some level of need and suggests a way for them to fulfill that need.

“I need a lunch partner/friend. Will you be mine?”

5. Flirty Invites

The reason this invitation style works is that it is a great way to suggest a date without being super direct about it. By sending the invite a little last minute, you are showing interest but not too much pre-meditated interest.

If you really want to make your flirtatious intentions clear, add a flirty emoji like a winky face, flame/fire, or kissy face to the end of the message.

“Are you free for lunch? If yes, I’m in the mood for Thai food.”

“I was thinking about having some Mexican food with you today. Wanna join me?”


Depending on your friends, you may want to be more formal and stick to the basic “invitation” wording. However, if you’re close with your friends, try a more casual approach. Maybe throw in some funny text messages or memes that will make them laugh before lunchtime ever rolls around. Either way, make sure they know when (where) you’ll be meeting up so that there are no misunderstandings.

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