Best Genuine Experience Gifts For Your Boyfriend

If you’re like me, you’ve probably got a hard-to-buy-for boyfriend (or girlfriend) who already has all the gadgets and gizmos he needs—and then some. How can you possibly find a gift that’s both meaningful and unique?

Well, I’ve found that giving experiences as gifts is often a great way to enrich your partner’s life by giving them something they might not have done on their own.

A great gift is something that lasts forever—or at least feels that way—and spending time together certainly qualifies as one of those things.

Help Him Get Healthier

For the man who loves to work out, get him a new gym membership. Make sure you know what kind of gym he wants (does he prefer a high-tech facility or a more laid-back place?).

If your boyfriend already has an active lifestyle, consider investing in another fitness tool that will help him stay motivated. A Fitbit is an easy way to track calories burned and steps taken, plus it gives him real time feedback about his progress toward his daily goals.

If your boyfriend is consistently active but wants to try something new, order him some workout videos or DVDs online—he could use them as part of his new routine! You can also give him some meal plans that are made specifically for people who exercise regularly or hire someone to design them for your guy based on his current activity level and nutritional needs.

Another option to motivate your guy’s health kick, consider getting him some workout clothes like yoga pants, running shoes, or compression shorts.

Get Matching Tattoos

A matching tattoo is one of the most meaningful ways to show how much you love your devoted boyfriend. Tattoos are a permanent way to express yourself and show your devotion. Consider getting a tattoo that matches or is just complimentary

Wine Tasting/Food Pairing Dinner

Wine tasting is always a fun activity for couples to do together. It’s a great way to get to know each other better and bond with your partner, especially if you’re not very familiar with wine yourself or have never tried it before. Wine tasting can also be a great way for the two of you to learn about different varieties and even discover what wines go well together!

If your boyfriend loves wine, this experience gift from his favorite store will be perfect for him. He’ll love learning more about his favorite drink while enjoying some delicious food and snacks in between tastings (like cheese and crackers).

Make Rings (or other Jewelry) Together

Looking for a really special, customized gift experience? Make a piece of jewelry together. Not only will it last forever, but also it’s something that can be worn every day. Rings are a great symbol of your love for each other and don’t necessarily need to indicate that your relationship is moving to something more serious.

Couples Massage and Spa Retreat

If you’re considering giving your boyfriend an extra relaxing experience gift, consider a couples massage or spa retreat. Look for a spa retreat that offers services specifically for men. Many spas have a variety of choices so you can find one that fits his needs best.

Copperplate Calligraphy Workshop

The copperplate calligraphy workshop is the perfect gift for a guy who loves to dive into his more creative side, but wants to learn a practical skill. Copperplate calligraphy is a form of penmanship using a pen with a broad nib. This workshop will teach him how to write in copperplate calligraphy, and also provide all the materials he needs (such as paper and ink) so that he can practice his new skills at home or anywhere else.

Intro to Archery Class

Archery classes are a great gift for couples and friends. If your boyfriend likes to be active, this is the class for him! It’s also a good activity if you’re looking to get some exercise together. Archery is fun indoors or outdoors, depending on what kind of weather you’re having. This gift would be especially good if one of you had never tried archery before and wanted to learn how!

Personal Chef for the Day

This gift is an ideal experience for those who want to take their relationship to the next level. You’ll learn more about your partner’s preferences, cooking style and habits in one day than you ever could over a traditional dinner date.

Meet with a personal chef for the day to discuss your partner’s likes, dislikes and favorite recipes. You can even request specific ingredients for your custom menu (e.g., spicy foods or no onions).

The chef will prepare everything from scratch on site — so you won’t have any prep work or cleanup afterward!

Surf Lessons

Surfing is an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, so it’s perfect for couples who have been together for years but still want to do something new together. Surfing also has the added bonuses of practicing balance & coordination, meeting new people, and learning something new!


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I hope this list was a fun read and inspired you to find the right gift for your boyfriend! Just remember, a great experience gift is often one that’s related to his hobbies or interests.

You can always do a little extra digging into his interests and design a gift around them. And the best part is: if you make a mistake, you can always fall back on the other trusty default option of getting him something delicious to eat 😉

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